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Thursday April 2, 2020

Zoom service reaches 200 million users due to global quarantine

Paying the quarantine and closures that most countries of the world have applied to their companies, institutions, schools, and universities, all this is pushing video conferencing and conference calling services to be the best alternative to remote communication, and among the most famous of these services is Zoom, whose number of users has jumped from 10 to 200 million active users daily.

This number was brought in by the CEO of the company, Eric Yuan, who attributed the significant growth in use by large user groups to companies, schools, and even governments.

The last number announced by Zoom last December by users with free and paid subscription is 10 million daily active users attending a video session.

Also among the interesting figures is that 90,000 schools from 20 countries around the world are now using Zoom to continue the educational process and provide lessons remotely so that students come from their homes.

Yuan admitted that the company had defaulted in terms of security and privacy, which are the many problems that have been raised recently, whether in terms of leaking user data through the iPhone application to Facebook, or even lack of support for encryption and the possibility of leaking conversations and viewing them.

Some major companies such as SpaceX even warned their employees against using the Zoom service due to security concerns.

Comparing Zoom with the rest of the competitors, Microsoft’s Teams service has 1.5 million mobile users, and Slak has less than 500,000 users on this platform only.

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