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Thursday July 16, 2020

Zoom launches a new platform and VCR to support work from home

Zoom announces the launch of the “Zoom for Home” platform and device (Zoom for Home) All in one, to enter a new stage in providing video services similar to what Facebook did with the portal previously, and to support the user experience of working and messaging from home.

This step comes from Zoom as a natural result of what the situation will look like in the future, as a recent study conducted by IBM indicated that 81% of the participants wish to continue their work remotely in the coming period and by more than 75% in April, while it appeared that half of the previous percentage, by 61% They want this to become their primary style of work.

While a recent study by Morning Consult indicated that half of people working remotely believe that virtual meetings have the same effectiveness as personal meetings. As platforms such as Zoom meet the needs of the current situation and support and reinforce the new normal status of the hybrid workforce.

The company says that the “Zoom for Home” platform will be available through the first physical device produced by the company “DTNM” and the device will be called (Zoom for Home – DTEN ME), which is a personal device from the category of all in one as it says. Anyone who has an account licensed from the Zoom Meeting platform can easily log in to it and start video meetings with one touch.

The device adds two other features: the interactive whiteboard and the ability to take comments and posts on this tablet, and it comes with a 27-inch touch screen, and it includes three smart cameras to make video calls and 8 microphones to support audio clarity in meetings.

While the “Zoom for Home” platform is also compatible with all “Zoom Rooms” devices, including other devices from the “Neat” and “Poly” companies, allowing users to choose the devices that They need to create an ideal business meeting experience from home, across their different workspaces, whether in the living room or through multiple screen displays.

The main advantages of “Zoom for Home”, according to the company:

  • Improve the user experience of the platform: The user can log in to a device that is compatible with the “Zoom Home” platform through his own account to dive into an office workspace experience without the need to request additional licenses.
  • Always ready: It allows you to easily start customized or scheduled meetings, make video and audio calls quickly, as well as comment when sharing content.
  • Personalization: Zoom performs an automatic synchronization between the user’s calendar and his or her personal status, as well as meeting and phone settings, for a unified, integrated video and meeting experience.
  • Flexible management: The Zoom for Home platform can be set up to be managed remotely by the enterprise’s IT teams through the admin portal or self-management by the end user.
  • Home designer: The device comes in a smooth design and is suitable for setting up a desk and workspace from home.

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On this regard, Eric Yuan, CEO of Zoom, said: “After our experience working remotely in the past several months, it has become clear that we need to create a new category for remote workers, and I am very proud of the Zoom team for continuing to think outside the box and move away from traditional solutions. And present many creative ideas. What always proves that the Zoom platform is the best unified communications platform that can meet the needs of all types of users.

As Rich Costello, senior research analyst at International Research Corporation (IDC), said: “With many business owners and employees adopting a new business reality, it is important that people feel ready to succeed. During the past three months, we have been striving to ensure that employees have a comfortable and safe working environment, but now we have moved to a new stage in which employees are assured of the right devices to foster innovation and productivity, so Zoom from Home is a class and platform that can be effective The company is accredited to reach the home business audience, who is eager for tools to help interact, communicate and collaborate. ”

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