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Thursday February 25, 2021

Zoom is getting ready to launch a new feature this fall … Meet it!

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Soon .. Zoom introduces the “automatic captions” feature for all accounts

Company announced zoom It will provide the “automatic closed captions” feature to all users by the fall of 2021, as this feature is currently only available to paid account holders.

In an effort to help free account holders who need the feature, such as those with a hearing loss, Zoom is accepting requests for the feature before it is officially launched. Interested users should complete a form with a note saying:

“This form is intended for users who require live transcription in order to better participate in application meetings. If you do not need the live copy feature, we recommend that you wait until the fall of 2021, when the feature becomes available to all free app users.

An image showing the “Zoom” company logo on a smartphone. Source: Getty Images

What is the Zoom app?


It should be noted that the Zoom application is a program specialized in video calls, where one of the callers hosts the call, and has full powers within it, and the call may contain more than 100 other callers, and the permissions can be shared with other callers.

The work within the application is characterized by that it targets different platforms, where callers can share their phone and computer screens with the ability to comment, voice clarification and written on it, and it suits many platforms, including Android And Windows, Mac, and BlackberryOS IOS and others, so it is one of the ideal solutions for formal meetings, interviews, cloud conferences and group messaging.

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China releases malware to monitor Uighurs around the world
While researchers at Google discovered that the hackers had introduced tools that could hack Uighurs’ phones and steal their data, on sites that Uighurs visited frequently.

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