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Friday January 22, 2021

Zionist terrorism is manifested by targeting the Syrian Hama

The World – Social Pulse

A Syrian military source confirmed that the air defense media responded at dawn on Friday to an aggression of the Israeli occupation with bursts of rockets from the direction of the Lebanese city of Tripoli targeting some targets in the vicinity of Hama Governorate. He added that the defense media responded to the aggression and dropped most of the missiles.

Activists indicated on social media that the Israeli entity’s aggression targets innocent civilians and expressed their solidarity with Hama Governorate and their grief over the fall of martyrs, stressing that this aggression is a link in a series of Zionist and American terrorist crimes in the region, which aims to threaten security and stability in the region, especially the resistance countries.

Wrote “Qasim, “via his Twitter account,” The child will remain in my chest, bringing you back # beloved Syria, in cold and peace, Damascus.

An account has been tweeted in the name of “Thaer Al-Durr:The Zionist enemy committed a massacre at dawn today, west of the Syrian city of Hama, by targeting its planes with a number of missiles at a house inhabited by civilians, the outcome was the death of a father, a mother, and their two children, in addition to an old woman.

For his part, “Muhammad Yame” published photos that he said were from the Syrian air defenses’ response to the Israeli aggression on Hama Governorate:In pictures, the Syrian air defenses confront an “Israeli” aggression against the Hama governorate.

I tweeted “AL-kholoud hasan“:”The death of an entire family in the Israeli bombing of the city of Hama today at dawn (photos)

An account called “Sensitive Person” tweeted: “Takfiris bomb civilians in Iraq # Baghdad, and Zionists bomb civilians in Syria # Hama, and the battle continues between the Zionist and American evil and the resisting good.

Nancy published photos of the victims of this attack and commented on them, saying:Are these the accurate missiles that the enemy claims to target in the context of an existential threat?? By God be upon you, is it permissible to turn the causes into results?? Syria is not the actual threat to Israel, On the contrary, Israel is the threat not only to Syria, but to all countries in the region. The account is coming, God willing, and the morning time is close .. “

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