Zarzis Tourist City

Zarzis is a city located in the southeast of Tunisia, approximately 540 km from the capital Tunis, where the Zarzis Peninsula extends from several directions, so that its lands embrace a large part of the plain known as Jfara the Great, and this city is famous for containing many archaeological sites Which qualified it to be one of the most important tourist cities in the country, and in this article we will talk about the tourist city of Zarzis.

Zarzis Tourist Sites

The city is characterized by containing a variety of rich natural resources, which qualified it to be one of the most important tourist poles in the State of Tunisia. These beaches are palm oases that extend along the coast, forming a beautiful landscape. Among the most important tourist sites in the city are:

Zarzis Museum

The Zarzis Museum is one of the most modern museums in Tunisia, and what distinguishes it most is its combination of archeology and anthropology, ancient history and contemporary lifestyle. The oldest ages.

This museum contains a group of antiquities that indicate the skills and crafts in which the people of the city excelled. This museum was held in an old church that dates back to the beginning of the twentieth century. The collections displayed in the museum were found after excavations in many archaeological sites on the Zarzis Peninsula. As these antiquities indicate the multiple civilizations that have passed through the city since ancient times, and the collections displayed in this museum were found after excavations in several archaeological sites on the Zarzis Peninsula, and they belong to the different civilizations that succeeded Tunisia.

The new station

The new station, known as Lalla Halima, covers an area of ​​nearly ninety hectares, and includes a group of four and five-star hotels, and the Corniche that does not pass cars, and extends over a distance of up to four kilometers, and includes a wide range of cafes, restaurants, And shops, in addition to residential apartments that contain a group of villas, and administrative areas that contain banks, and post offices.

Archaeological sites of the city of Zarzis

Zita’s website

The site of Zeta includes an ancient Roman square surrounded by roofed arcades and a paved courtyard. It also contains a temple dedicated to the African Roman deities known as Tanit. Many inscribed statues were found in it, and a group of marble monuments, of which there are many in the Louvre Museum in Paris.

Henshir Al-Kalakh website

The Henshir al-Kalakh site is one of the archaeological sites located to the north of the city. It contains an old middle hall, and an edifice that still preserves a few of its walls.

Qantara Tower website

Where is the site of the Qantara tower on the Hassi al-Jerbi beach, near the main road linking Zarzis and the island of Djerba. Inside the tower.

Zarzis Tourist City

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