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Saturday August 1, 2020

Zarif: The terrorists are spreading hate from their safe havens in America and Europe

The World – Iran

And Zarif wrote in a tweet on his social networking site, “Twitter”, on Saturday night: that the West should stop its financing and embracing the terrorists.

He added: The terrorists are spreading hatred from their safe havens in America and Europe. They urge killing and chaos, they manage it, and they utterly claim their responsibility for killing innocent Iranian civilians.

He referred to the attempts of Western countries to whitewash the image of terrorist factions seeking to commit terrorist acts in Iran, and added: It is not possible to mislead and deceive cover up this hypocrisy.

The Iranian Ministry of Security has announced the arrest of the leader of the terrorist group “Tender”, which is based in the United States of America.

A statement issued by the Iranian Ministry of Security said on Saturday that Jamsheed Shahramd, the leader of this group called “Tender”, who had been conducting armed and sabotage operations in Iran from America, had been arrested.

The statement added that Sharmhad is now in the grip of the capable security forces, who were able to arrest him in the context of complicated operations.

The terrorist had 12 years ago planned and directed the bombing of the Husseinite “Sayyid Al-Shuhada (PBUH)” station in Shiraz, during which 14 people were killed and 215 others were injured, during the ceremonies of Al-Hussaini.

This terrorist group was planning in recent years to carry out several major sabotage operations, including the detonation of the Syund dam in Shiraz, the detonation of chemical and bacterial bombs at the Tehran International Book Fair, the bombing of the shrine of “Imam Khomeini (Razza)”, and the implementation of an attack on the Russian consulate in the city of Rasht in the province of Kilan, north Iran, however, all these operations were thwarted while the cadres of the Iranian Ministry of Security were vigilant.

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The details of the complex and successful operations of the security forces in arresting the leader of this terrorist group will be announced to the people later.

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