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Thursday July 2, 2020

Zain Saudi Arabia tops the fastest home internet in the Kingdom

Have you ever wondered about the fastest home internet service in Saudi Arabia and you are seeking it? If that’s what you’re looking for, Ookla, the global website owner of Speedtest, has announced a win Zain company Prize for the fastest home internet service in the Kingdom.

With this achievement, Zain has become the most appropriate solution for those looking for home internet at high speeds and convenient speed in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The company’s achievement comes thanks to the continuous investment in the fifth generation networks, which contributed to the development of the largest 5G network in the Middle East, Europe and Africa, and the fourth largest network in the world, by covering 30 Saudi cities.

Speedtest, through its Speed ​​Score performance testing technology, measures Internet speeds in different countries around the world, and then awards prizes to the most prominent Internet service providers in those countries after millions of tests that it conducts to measure the consumption of clients of all networks in each country separately. Zain’s performance tests resulted in the top of the Kingdom’s fastest home internet.

Constant primacy of Zain

Zain Saudi Arabia was one of the first companies in the world to adopt fifth generation technologies in an effort to provide the best global innovations to customers in the Kingdom, and now it provides them with the fastest home internet service in continuation of its usual vision.

She also recently became a forerunner in ESIM support To allow customers with it the ability to obtain new numbers effortlessly, as well as run multiple numbers on the same phone and assign them to the way they prefer and support the entire fifth generation technology.

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