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Monday September 28, 2020

Zain Saudi Arabia expands its 5G coverage to 47 Saudi cities

Declared ‘Zain Saudi Arabia“On adding 9 new cities in the Kingdom to the map of the wider 5G services that it owns, bringing the total number of regions and cities in the Kingdom covered by the company’s network of this generation to 47 cities. The new coverage includes: Al Majmaa, Al Nairiyah, Qatif, Rafha, Safwa, Yanbu, Al Zulfi, Al Ayoun and Tarif. All of them are now enjoying high-speed and high-quality fifth-generation (5G) digital services, which would enhance the digital transformation system in the Kingdom and improve the quality of life for all members of society by strengthening the interconnectedness of current services and opening future innovation horizons.

The Chief Technology Officer of Zain Saudi Arabia, Eng. Abdul Rahman bin Hamad Al Mufdi, considered that this announcement carries a strong message of Zain Saudi’s commitment and keenness to continue its strategy to provide the latest telecommunications services to all regions of the Kingdom, at the same time as an affirmation of the durability. The company’s operational path through having a strong infrastructure capable of rapidly expanding the deployment of the fifth generation network, which is the largest and most advanced in the region, in addition to continuing to expand by updating coverage maps on a weekly basis on the company’s website.

Al Mufadi added: “This expansion comes to confirm that Zain Saudi Arabia is participating in the Kingdom’s efforts to enhance its digital competitiveness, which culminated recently in announcing that Saudi Arabia has topped the list of G20 countries in digital competitiveness over the past three years, by ranking first in the Global Competitiveness Report issued by the European Center Digital competitiveness. This confirms that the Kingdom possesses the latest advantages of digital services in our current era, and enhances the user experience for them in various sectors in an unprecedented way, including the Internet of Things, electronic games and the business sector.

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Zain Saudi Arabia provides the widest coverage of the 5G network that reaches all regions of the Kingdom, with a total of 47 cities. Its distinction in spreading the fifth generation network and the quality of its services, made it the first in 12 out of 13 administrative regions in the Kingdom, within the “Meqyas” report issued by the Communications and Information Technology Commission. The fifth generation network of “Zain Saudi Arabia”, according to the same report, was the fastest in accessing the two applications Zoom and Microsoft Teams, and also ranked first in the speed of access to 4 out of 5 electronic games, according to the report, which included: Fortnite, FIFA20, APEX, and League Legends. These achievements coincide with the international recognition of the level of excellence achieved by the company, in obtaining the award for the fastest home internet in the Kingdom from Ookla International, the owner of the famous SpeedTest website and a specialist in measuring Internet speeds globally.

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