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Saturday December 7, 2019

Youtuber Explains Why The CyberTruck V/S F150 Tug-of-War Stunt Was Pointless

This Is Why Cybertruck Pulling F-150 Was Not Accurate

Indeed, we all have observed the infamous video exactly where Tesla’s Cybertruck is hectic in pulling in an F-150. But, just how accurate is that video? Have you considered that?

This Is Why Cybertruck Pulling F-150 Was Not Accurate

Apparently we are simply not really able to stop speaking about the latest Cybertruck originating from Tesla. We almost all have our reasons although; it has a simple shape, there were some problems during its unveiling, this sparked a debate upon Twitter, and this video that has been doing rounds on social media. Whether you like Cybertruck or not, it is clear that we all are constantly discussing it!

This Is Why Cybertruck Pulling F-150 Was Not Accurate

Elon Musk shared the video clip where Cybertruck pulls a great F-150 on his Facebook account. Not too long in the past, F-150 was noticed in a new video pulling a, 000, 000 pounds. That form of clarifies the goal of Elon Musk executing this experiment; to demonstrate the prevalence of Cybertruck above F-150.

This Is Why Cybertruck Pulling F-150 Was Not Accurate

Nevertheless, the publicity stunt offers caused a lot associated with debate on the internet, wherein numerous have claimed that the particular experiment was not precise or fair at almost all. Neil deGrasse Tyson has been also one of the folks that jumped into the debate along with their technical knowledge. Neil has said that the particular video was not reasonable or accurate. That will be where the video which is being featured in this particular video comes in along with Jason Fenske from Architectural Explained, explaining in fine detail what was wrong using the experiment conducted by Tesla.

Check out the video below, and share with us your opinion?

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