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Friday February 28, 2020

YouTube tests allowing channel owners to sell advertising space directly to companies

YouTube has started testing a new program that will allow channel owners to sell advertising space within their videos directly to the companies and brands that they usually deal with.

The program is still in its infancy and is very limited as I started testing it with a few channels so that they can sell advertising space to companies with a previous advertising relationship.

As time goes on and YouTube collects more data about this experience, it will expand it to include more channels.

In 2010, YouTube allowed NBC to determine which companies could display its ads on its clips. This is what channel owners are repeatedly asking for so that they can better control the ads that appear on their videos.

Channel owners suffer from persistent problems with YouTube that have become canceling monetization and display ads from many clips because they violate the terms of use. This prompted channel owners to resort to other methods such as video sponsorship and live advertising.

This is what YouTube also invested and launched a Super Chat feature that allows viewers to pay $ 5 to display their comments above the rest of the comments during the live broadcast.

It is noteworthy that Google recently for the first time for advertising revenue in YouTube, where it made about 15 billion dollars over the past year.

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