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Wednesday January 13, 2021

Yazid AlRajhi is the champion of the tenth stage of the Dakar …

The Saudi champion, Yazid AlRajhi, achieved his second victory on the land of the Kingdom in the Saudi Dakar Rally 2021, where he topped the tenth round in the automotive category, followed by Qatari Nasser AlAttiyah by two minutes and four seconds, while French Stephane Peterhansel came third.

Peterhansel maintained the first place in the general automobile standings, while AlAttiyah followed him, and Carlos Sainz came third. The tenth stage started from NEOM and ended in AlUla, and spanned a distance of 583 km, of which 342 km were a special stage.

Yazid Al Rajhi

AlRajhi said after winning the tenth stage: “Thank God, we were fast and we were able to finish the stage in first place, and Dirk’s navigators did a great job, but we had a puncture in a tire 30 kilometers before the end of the stage, but we decided to continue, as we were close to the end. The frame ended up being torn to pieces, but we finished the stage with some parts.

Dakar Rally 2021

It was a dangerous stage, but we wanted to win it. We estimated that stopping would cost us a loss of 1:10 minutes to 1:15 minutes, while slowing down cost us only 45 seconds, depending on the road conditions. ”

Dakar Rally 2021

“Navigation was designed to take drivers off the lane, so it wasn’t easy,” said Car leader Peterhansel, after the end of today’s stage. We were not put on stage, but we hesitated a lot. We lost very little time to Nasser (AlAttiyah) and that is the important thing. The tension increases once you start to hesitate, so you have to stay as calm as possible. The stress will not go away, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. When you do a good job on the stage, you realize how frustrated you will be if these efforts are in vain! Being on top is the best place, but then you have a lot to lose. ”

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Dakar Rally 2021

In the motorcycle category, the Honda team dominated the first three places, as the former American champion Ricky Brabec led the tenth stage with a time of 3 hours, 12 minutes and 33 seconds, and his Spanish teammates Juan Parida Port and Argentine Kevin Benavides finished second and third respectively. Today’s stage witnessed an emergency exit for Chilean Jose Ignacio Cornejo Florimo, who was at the top of the general standings, after suffering an injury, as the medical team was waiting for him at the finish line to inspect his condition after the accident that forced him to withdraw. Benavides continued at the top of the overall standings in the motorcycle category, Brabec came second by just 51 seconds, while Britain’s Sam Sunderland became third after Chilean Cornejo Florimo was eliminated from the race.

Dakar Rally 2021

“I am sure that Ignacio was pressing hard,” Brabec said. “The top of the Dakar Rally is not easy. I don’t think there is a lot of pressure from the team, but I think the personal goal is the biggest pressure.” He’s a young cyclist, he’s done really well all week, and he’s surprised everyone, he’s the best navigator in this rally. Everyone realizes that everyone seeks to win, and winning is the best thing in life. ”

In the quad bike category, American Pablo Copti snatched the lead of this stage, just 20 seconds behind secondplaced Chilean Italo Piedmonte, and his compatriot Giovanni Enrico finished third by two minutes and 45 seconds. As such, Argentine Manuel Andujar remains at the top of the overall standings, France’s Alexander Giroud is second and Enrico is third.

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Dakar Rally 2021

Czech Martin Masik won for the second time in a row in the truck category with a time of 3 hours, 13 minutes and two seconds, and the Russians Dmitry Sotnikov and Irat Mardev finished second and third, respectively. The Russians continued to occupy the first three places in the overall standings, with Sotnikov at the top, 47 minutes and two seconds ahead of his compatriot Anton Shibalov, and Mardiv finished third.

“It wasn’t easy, and I think the main problem is dust,” overall leader Sotnikov said of the stage after it ended. We lost about a minute and a half almost because of the navigation. We stayed behind for a long time and lost a lot of time, but we managed to speed up and we saw Shibalov and followed him until the end of the stage. It was not an easy day, it was long and strewn with rocks. We tried to drive cautiously, and in the latter half we were very careful. ”

Russian Sergei Karyakin led the desert light vehicle category, 29 seconds ahead of American Austin Jones, and Polish Michel Gokzal came in third, and thus Chilean Francesco Lopez Contardo continues to lead the overall standings, and Jones is second and Polish Aaron Domzala is third.

And the course of the Saudi Dakar Rally 2021 continues tomorrow in the direction south in the eleventh stage before the last , which starts from AlUla and ends in Yanbu and extends for 557 kilometers, of which 511 kilometers are a special stage, making it the longest special stage in the Saudi Dakar Rally 2021. Tomorrow stage is distinguished. With the density of sand dunes for a distance of nearly 100 kilometers, which may increase the time differences between the contestants.

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Provisional ranking of the tenth round in the car category:

1 Yazid AlRajhi 03:03:57

2 Nasser AlAttiyah 0:02:04

3 Stephan Peterhansel 0:02:53

Provisional general classification after the tenth stage in the car category:

1 Stefan Peterhansel 37:33:06

2 Nasser AlAttiyah 0: 17: 01+

3 Carlos Sainz 01: 03: 44+

Provisional ranking of the 10th round in the motorcycle category:

1 Ricky Brabeck 03:12:33

2 Juan Parida Port +0: 03: 15

3 Kevin Benavides 0: 05: 11+

Provisional general classification after stage 10 in the motorcycle category:

1 Kevin Benavides 40:20:08

2 Ricky Brabeck 0: 00:51+

3 Sam Sunderland 0:10:36+

Provisional ranking of the 10th round in the quad bike category:

1 Pablo Copti 04:18:47

2 Italo Piedmonte 0: 00: 20+

3 Giovanni Enrico 0: 02: 45+

Provisional general classification after the tenth stage in the fourwheel bike category:

1 Manuel Andujar 50:56:43

2 Alexander Giro 0: 21: 00+

3 Giovanni Enrico +0: 27: 04

Provisional ranking of the tenth round in the truck category:

1 Martin Masick 03:13:02

2 Dmitry Sotnikov 0: 01: 40+

3 Irat Mardiff 0: 03: 16+

Provisional general classification after the tenth stage in the truck category:

1 Dmitry Sotnikov 40:57:31

2 Anton Shibalov 0: 47: 22+

3 Irat Mardiff 01: 14: 41+

The provisional ranking of the 10th round in the light vehicle category:

1 Sergey Karyakin 3:31:17

2 Austin Jones 0: 00: 29+

3 Michel Gokzal 0: 01: 10+

Provisional general classification after the tenth stage in the category of light vehicles:

1 Francesco Lopez Contardo 45:39:18

2 Austin Jones 0: 10: 13+

3 Aaron Domzala + 0: 42: 41

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