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Tuesday June 15, 2021

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 launched the new cheap Xiaomi sports bracelet

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 has released the latest version of Xiaomi’s sports tracking bracelets, I’m wearing the fourth version as I write this news, Xiaomi health bracelets for a while has been one of the best sports bracelets ever, because it was cheap and almost without competition, but Xiaomi I have always paid attention to the quality of its bracelets, the accuracy and the quality of its sensors, and here is the sixth version, which is issued with improvements from the fifth version, a larger screen and of course a better battery and some extra features. This is what we will talk about in this news. We will mention the specifications of the new bracelet and its official price

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 specifications

the screen

1.56 inch AMOLED screen, 152 x 486 resolution, touch screen
the battery

125mah battery lasts for 14 days on average and charges in 2 hours


Bluetooth 5.0

Connect to Mi fit – Mi Wear – Strava . apps

With Android 5.0 or later systems

With iOS 10 or later

She can control the camera

Health benefits
  • heart rate sensor
  • sleep state reading
  • Sensitive to the level of oxygen in the blood
  • Sensitive to stress level readings
  • Breathing support
  • Support 30 different sports modes
  • Support sports activity tracking automatically for 6 activities which are running, walking, running on the treadmill, cycling, stretching machines and exercise

Xiaomi Mi Band 6 price

As usual, the price of the bracelet is very cheap, less than $ 100, specifically $ 53, meaning that the price in Egypt may be at a price of 830 pounds, let’s make it 850 so that the shape of the number becomes more beautiful, and here is its price in Egypt. The prices are close to the Chinese pricing, they will be mostly the same price and will replace the Band 5 in Egypt, most likely it will be released at the same price, this is what I expect, the Xiaomi Mi Band 6 bracelet is very good and will be at a very good price, I have reservations about it as a user of Xiaomi bracelets, mostly in the software, But it is easily recommended.

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