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Friday January 17, 2020

Xiaomi decides to separate its brand Poco as an independent company

Xiaomi decides to separate its brand Poco as an independent company

The Chinese company, Xiaomi, announced its plan to make its brand Poco, which launched its first phones in 2018, Poco F1 as a stand-alone company, as this announcement came in the words of Xiaomi CEO Jai Mani, saying, “We feel the time has come for Poco to run its business alone.”

The Xiaomi company launched the Poco F1 phone to be its strong weapon in the world’s phones, and Samsung in particular will respond to it and the rest of the competitors not because it has strong specifications that are still competing to this day;

The move comes from Xiaomi and is currently ranked fourth globally among smart phone manufacturers, as it is gaining a special place in India where it provides low and medium class phones and sweeping the market with specifications that are considered high in line with the very reasonable price.

The company also owns the brands Mi and Redmi, which are still under the company, and their products vary from smartphones, computers, televisions and many common accessories that have wide popularity in the global market.

As for the upcoming Poco company, the production lines and products marked with its logo will surely expand, but so far there is no clear information on what it is, but perhaps the first of which is the second version of the competing phone Poco F2.

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