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Sunday January 17, 2021

Xiaomi ban developments after the new response from the company

Two days ago, a decision was issued to ban Xiaomi and add it to a group of companies banned by the US government and prohibited from trading with them.

At the beginning of the crisis, a decision appeared by the US military to prevent investment in Xiaomi, and American investors were given it until November, to withdraw their investments from Xiaomi.

In fact, this does not represent a comprehensive ban or something similar to Huawei, but it is the beginning of the road to reach this point.

Xiaomi knows this well, and for this it issued an official statement denying all the charges against it from the US military.

As a statement by Reutzer said about the ban, that Xiaomi is a company that deals with the Chinese army and a Chinese communist company, and the Chinese army has direct investments in it. This is what Xiaomi denied.

Where the company denied in an official statement on social media platforms that it has any relationship or association with the Chinese army or that it is a Chinese communist company that serves the communist agendas of China.

The company also said that it will not hesitate to take all the steps it needs to protect its investments and the interests of investors and users alike.

It also reassured its clients that it is taking the necessary steps to protect them and its system.

Xiaomi ban developments after the new response from the company 1

In a more clear response to the fact that it was not subject to the ban, Xiaomi issued a list of 27 devices representing the devices that will come with MIUI 12.5 or will receive the update for this system.

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Of course, after the banning decision appeared, Xiaomi’s share price fell dramatically, reaching 10% in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

I must assure you that, until this moment, Xiaomi has not been completely banned or even prevented from using Google software and Qualcomm processors, even if this is expected in the future on upcoming devices and not devices that have already been issued.


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