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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Wrong daily habits causing “sciatica” pain

The German “Healthy Back” association said that pain of sciatic nerve, also known as “sciatica,” has several causes, most notably wrong movement, wrong sitting and standing positions, wrong walking style, and wrong carrying of things.

Or causes of sciatic nerve pain include weakness of abdominal muscles, tightening of muscles of back, thigh, and buttocks, nerve infections, or infections in body, and a herniated disc.

Symptoms of infection

The movement added that this pain extends from lower back to leg, indicating that it may be accompanied by or symptoms such as numbness, tingling, deterioration of neuromuscular coordination and bladder disorders such as urinary incontinence.

These symptoms require complete rest, and as an immediate measure, you should lie on your back with legs raised and legs supported on a stool. As this reduces burden on lumbar region, with possibility of massaging affected area.

The necessity to consult a doctor

In any case, an orthopedist should be consulted; Where sciatic nerve pain can be treated by analgesics, narcotic injections and antiinflammatory drugs such as cortisone, and physical rapy contributes to treating sciatic nerve pain by strengning back and abdomen muscles.

In some cases, surgery is required, such as movement disorders, recurrent herniated disc, and bladder and intestine deficiency.

It is worth noting that sciatic nerve is main nerve, which branches in lower back through hips and buttocks, and n to bottom of both legs, and it represents largest single nerve in human body, and it works to connect spinal cord with muscles of leg and foot.

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