Learn about working salaries in Finland in this article that details the wages of work that are commensurate with the high cost of living there, as well as a list of salaries for many jobs and professions.

In fact, Finland is a small country on a global scale. Finland’s population makes up only 0.07 percent of the world’s population and its area is equal to the proportion of the world’s total area.

But even a small country like this can leap to the top of the world, and that’s what Finland has done. In international comparisons of positive things, Finland is often among the first countries after the other Nordic countries.

Finland is the world’s most stable, freer and safer country, as well as its quality of life, good governance, thriving economy, and diverse job opportunities.

Work Salary in Finland

Work Salary in Finland

As in most Scandinavian countries, Finland does not have any minimum salary by law, but you can expect to receive a minimum net monthly salary of around €1,500 when you start working here.

Noting that each (1 euro = 1.08 US dollars) is currently.

Generally, these minimum rates are negotiated and agreed upon through collective bargaining, by trade unions, which fix minimum wages depending on the economic sector and many other factors, including the level of studies, experience and time spent by the employee in the company.

In the capital, Helsinki, for example, unless otherwise provided by collective agreements, the minimum household salary can be as high as 1,210 euros.

We should also note that this minimum wage can vary greatly between the poorer and richer regions of Finland.

Thus, the minimum wage in Helsinki, for example, which is known as the highest-paid city in Finland, will certainly be higher than in other cities.

The fact that not only salaries are higher in Helsinki, but also the cost of living.

In addition, despite this difference in income, Finland is one of the countries with the lowest poverty rates in Europe, so although the minimum wage may be slightly lower in other cities than in Helsinki, living standards will still be higher levels, therefore, a minimum net salary of around 1,500 euros will be enough to meet all your basic needs for a decent life.

While the average salary taken from home in Finland has recently reached about 2,700 euros per month, then this value is much higher than the minimum wage and enough for a person to lead a decent life in the country.

Doctor salary in Finland

The average salary of a doctor in Finland is around 127,767 euros per year. The most common gain is 125,967. Salaries here differ between men and women, with men earning an average salary of 144,172 euros, while women earn a salary of 125,415 euros.

On the other hand and depending on education, the highest paid people receive a master’s degree with a salary of 148,402 euros, the second highest paid level of education is a bachelor’s degree with a salary of 125,415 euros.

The number of years of experience affects earnings as well. People with two to four years of experience get a salary of 172,492 euros, while junior employees earn 112727 euros.

Dentist salary in Finland

The average gross salary of a dentist in Finland is around 122,185 euros, this equates to about 59 euros per hour. In addition, dentists in Finland receive an average remuneration of about 4,264 euros.

More precisely, a junior dentist earns an average salary of 83,380 euros. On the other hand, a high-ranking dentist (more than 8 years of experience) gets an average salary of 15,988 euros.

Teacher salary in Finland

In fact, Finland’s education system is superior to many other countries in the world and teachers are paid almost as much as doctors. General practitioners in Finland earn, on average, about $70,000 per year, while the average salary for primary education teachers with 15 years of experience in Finland is about $37,500.

lawyer salary in finland

The average gross salary of a lawyer in Finland is €10,109 or equivalent to €49 per hour. In addition, they receive an average bonus of 6,845 euros.

More precisely, a junior lawyer gets an average salary of 69,511 euros. On the other hand, a high-ranking lawyer has an average salary of 125,880 euros.

engineer salary in finland

The average gross salary for engineers in Finland is 63,001 EUR or 30 EUR hourly equivalent. In addition, they earn an average bonus of 3,326 euros. On the other hand, a junior engineer earns an average salary of €44,208. On the other hand, a high-ranking engineer earns an average salary of 77,988 euros.

Pharmacist salary in Finland

The average gross salary for a pharmacist in Finland is €85,996 or the equivalent of €41 per hour. More precisely, a junior pharmacist earns an average salary of 59,121 euros. On the other hand, a high-ranking pharmacist gets an average salary of 109,597 euros.

Salaries for occupations in Finland in US Dollars

Work Salary in Finland

Business Developer $77,747

Accountant $74,218

Financial Analyst $60,998

Production Manager $60,609

Marketing Manager $58,568

Civil engineer 58,162 dollars

Chemical Engineer $57,444

Operations Manager $55,554

Designer $53,360

Data Analyst $52171

IT Manager $50,596

Quality Assurance Engineer $49,676

Industrial designer $48,067

Business Analyst $46762

Project manager $46479.

Data Scientist $45,335

Software Engineer $45,117

User account management $44,920

Architecture 43,447 dollars

Web Designer $40,249

Research scientist 40,147 dollars

Sales Manager $39,918

Mechanical Engineer $39,633

Systems Administrator $39,454

Postdoctoral researcher $38,277

Interior designer $36806

Web Developer $35,966

Electrical engineer $35,717

CFO $35,387

Graphic Designer $35253

Content Marketing $33,408

Mobile developer 33052 dollars

Executive Assistant $32,687

Hardware Engineer $32544

Office manager $30675

Copywriter $30,292

Customer Support $27802

Treasurer $26,830

Nurse $26,150

HR Manager $25432

Chef $23046

Waiter $21998

Receptionist $21484

Administrative Assistant $20,451

Fashion designer 17,688 dollars

In conclusion, although the salaries here are not among the highest in Europe, Finland is still a very attractive country to move to for new job opportunities and better standards of living, especially if you are moving there with the family and you are also interested in other aspects such as education or safety or life satisfaction.

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