In recent years, the salaries of work in the Czech Republic have increased from what they were previously, as the salary varies according to the work area, so let’s get to know this in detail in addition to the salaries of some well-known jobs and professions.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country that offers standard education, but only a few international students consider the country suitable for education abroad.

The Czech Republic is a European country famous for its UNESCO World Heritage Site and ancient medieval castles and cities. The country is home to many cheap and recognized universities in Europe.

On the other hand, international students can work part-time jobs while studying in the Czech Republic. Normally students are allowed to work 20 hours per week, and students are also allowed to work full time during summer vacation.

Work salary in the Czech Republic

Work salary in the Czech Republic

Wages in the Czech Republic rose in the third quarter of 2021, but in many regions they were keeping pace with inflation or even easing back slightly.

The average gross monthly wage for a full-time employee in the Czech Republic in the last period was about CZK 37,499, an increase of 5.7 percent compared to the same time period last year.

Noting that ((1 CZK = 0.044 US dollars)) at the moment

At the same time, consumer prices rose by 4.1 percent, which means that average wages rose by 1.5 percent in real terms.

The highest average wage was in the field of information and communication with CZK 64,817, followed by financial and insurance activities CZK 58,795, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning supplies CZK 50,970, and professional, scientific and technical activities CZK 44,026.

On the other hand, the lowest average wages were in the administrative and support services at CZK 26,756 and the miscellaneous category of other service activities at CZK 27,758..

While food product manufacturing took third place from the bottom at CZK 30,057, while agriculture, forestry and fishing ranked fourth in terms of decline at CZK 30,885.

On the other hand, the breakdown by economic activity showed that five sectors did not keep pace with wage inflation in the Czech Republic.

In the arts, entertainment and recreation sector, the increase was only 0.6 percent, while public administration, defense and compulsory social security increased by 2.3 percent, construction rose by 3.6 percent, the same rise for other service activities, and electricity, gas, steam and air-conditioning supplies increased by 3.8 percent.

Labor salaries in the Czech Republic by regions

Work salary in the Czech Republic

By regions, the highest average wage was in the capital, Prague, at CZK 45,523, up 4.2 percent year on year. This was followed by Central Bohemia at CZK 37,625, up 4.9 percent, and Southern Bohemia at CZK 36,852, up 6 percent.

The lowest average wage was in the Karlovy Vary region, at CZK 33,249, an increase of 5.87 percent over the previous year. Zlín was the second lowest at CZK 33,749, up 7.1 percent.

The gender wage gap in the Czech Republic

As usual, there was a gender pay gap. The average wage for men was CZK 35,086 while the average wage for women was CZK 30,433.

teacher salary in czech

In fact, the monthly teachers’ salaries have gone from 31,000 CZK to more than 43,000 CZK.

Meanwhile, the salaries of secondary school teachers grew to 45,800 CZK per month. In turn, their kindergarten classmates received the lowest salary, about 36,500 CZK.

The salaries in private and church-run kindergartens have grown significantly less in the past years.

While public institutions saw a wage increase of 9.1 percent, employees of private and church-run kindergartens got only 3.1 percent.

Doctor and Nursing Salary in Czech Republic

Over the past five years, doctors’ salaries have increased by 32 percent on average while nurses’ salaries have increased 41 percent.

In 2018, doctors in hospitals earned the equivalent of 343 percent of the average Czech salary, and nurses earned 121 percent.

According to the Institute for Health Information and Statistics, the average salary of doctors this year will reach 84,000 CZK and the nursing salary will reach 43,000 CZK.

lawyer salary in czech

The average salary for a lawyer in the Czech Republic is around 607,966 CZK per year. The most common earning is 494,623 CZK. Salaries differ between men and women. Men earn an average salary of 604,348 CZK. Women receive a salary of 714,434 CZK.

Depending on education, people with a master’s degree receive the highest salaries with a salary of CZK 608842.

The number of years of experience affects earnings as well. People with 4 to 8 years of experience get a salary of CZK 817,780. Employees with 4-2 years of experience receive CZK 532,456.

engineer salary in czech

The average salary of an engineer in the Czech Republic is about CZK 968,515 or the equivalent per hour, CZK 466. In addition, they receive an average bonus of 41,840 CZK.

And certainly years of experience affect the average salary in Czechs, for example for a junior Artificial Intelligence Engineer he earns an average salary of CZK 678,473.

On the other hand, a high-ranking Artificial Intelligence Engineer with many years of experience earns an average salary of CZK 1202,345.

pharmacist salary in czech

The average salary of a pharmacist in the Czech Republic is around 476,200 CZK per year. While the most common earning is 381930 CZK. Of course, as with other professions, salaries differ significantly between women and men.

On the other hand and based on education, the highest salaries are received by people with PhD degrees with a salary of CZK 509,989. The second highest paid education level is a master’s degree with a salary of CZK 442590.

Of course, the number of years of experience a pharmacist has in his profession affects the earning as well. The more years of experience, the higher the salary in Czech Republic. For example, people with 4-2 years of experience get a salary of CZK 509,989. While for employees with 8-12 years of experience they receive around CZK 442,590.

The Czech Republic is a beautiful country. Its universities provide quality education. There is a huge range of programs to choose from at these universities.

Amazingly, these universities are globally recognized and among the cheapest universities in Europe as well, as well as the various job opportunities they provide for workers and salaries that ensure a decent life for them as well, so do not hesitate to make Czech Republic your destination for work, stability and study.

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