Russia is known to be one of the largest countries in the world and this makes it a destination for many to work. Learn about the salaries of work in Russia and the average monthly wages for a number of major Russian cities, in addition to the annual salary increase and wages for some professions in them.

Russia is the largest country in the world in terms of area and one of the top ten most populous countries in the world. Russia is also the best choice for faraway talents due to the amount of talent available here.

Besides the huge number of employees, Russia also has a large number of skilled talents who have finished higher education. It is common for most Russians to have a university degree, with the three most popular degrees being education, information technology, and medicine.

Besides, the generally low cost of living and wages in Russia makes it ideal for employers.

Work salary in Russia

Work salary in Russia

The average salary ranges from 26,200 RUB (lowest average) to 463,000 RUB (highest average) in Russia.

The minimum salary in the state is 12130 rubles per month.

While the average hourly wage in Russia is 600 rubles or 8.09 US dollars (US dollars), the minimum hourly wage is 150 Russian rubles (2.01 US dollars).

Noting that ((each 1 US dollar = 85.75 Russian rubles)).

In addition, most Russian citizens receive a symbolic average wage (financial compensation received by the employee, excluding benefits such as housing) of 51,229 RUB / month.

Salaries in Russia vary widely based on the degree of education with Russian employees with a master’s degree earning 29% more than those with a bachelor’s. Similarly, employees with a doctorate degree generally earn 23% more than those with a master’s degree.

On the other hand, employees with two to five years of experience earn about 32% more than their inexperienced counterparts. And those with more than five years of experience earn 36% more salaries than those with five years or less work experience.

Gradually the salary increases by 21% for employees with ten years of experience and 14% for those over 15 years.

The average income also varies from one Russian city to another. This is due to the different distribution of resources and climatic conditions across the country.

Like Omsk and Tomsk, some cities have oil reservoirs that attract oil companies from all over the world. Others like Norilsk have icy climates and are difficult to live with.

Salaries in cities with extractive oil, gas and raw materials industries are usually more due to higher revenue. High salaries in such areas compensate for the harsh climate, remote location and high local prices.

Average monthly salary for a number of major cities in Russia

  • Monthly salary in Moscow 124,000 rubles
  • St. Petersburg 122,000 rubles
  • Chukotka 116,400 rubles
  • Chelyabinsk 114,000 rubles
  • Omsk 112,000 rubles
  • Samara 107,000 rubles
  • Volgograd 93900 rubles
  • Saratov 90,300 rubles
  • Tomsk 42,666 rubles
  • Murmansk 40,000 rubles
  • Dagestan 29,000 rubles
  • Pskov 25,925 rubles

Annual salary increases in Russia

Russian employees are likely to receive an 8% increase in their monthly earnings every 17 months. Whereas, citizens who work in banking, energy, and information technology receive the highest salary increases.

Interestingly, this figure is higher than the percentage of average global salary increases, which are no more than 3% in 16 months.

Software development engineers earn the highest salary, with an average income of 179,000 RUB a month, followed by accountants with RUB 152,000 a month.

Other popular professions such as customer service agents usually get a decent income of 71,100 RUB / month, while the managing director earns 114,000 RUB per month.

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Occupational salaries in Russia

Doctor salary in Russia

Work salary in Russia

On average, doctors in Russia earned almost 92 thousand Russian rubles per month, and in Moscow the figure was much higher, amounting to about 161 thousand Russian rubles.

While the medical staff across the country received approximately 47 thousand Russian rubles per month, which is actually lower than the average salary in Russia.

Dentist salary in Russia

The average gross salary of a dentist in Russia is about 2,405,720 RUB, which is roughly equivalent to about 1,157 RUB per hour.

On the other hand, the years of experience of a dentist greatly affect his salary in Russia, so that a junior dentist earns an average salary of RUB 3,701,662, while an experienced dentist with more than 8 years of experience gets an average salary of RUB 3050,102.

Pharmacist salary in Russia

In the cities and regions of Russia the average monthly earnings of pharmacists fluctuate significantly from 15 to 65 thousand rubles per month, and this means that the average profit of workers in this sector in the country is almost 40 thousand rubles.

Nurse salary in Russia

The average salary of a nurse in Russia is about 1080,556 rubles, or an hourly equivalent of 520 rubles.

In addition, they earn an average bonus of 72,371 rubles. On the other hand, a registered nurse earns an average salary of 774,538 rubles at the beginning of her career, while a registered nurse after several years of experience gets an average salary of 1,352,369 rubles.

engineer salary in russia

Undoubtedly, the salaries for the profession of an engineer in Russia are also affected by the number of years of experience, so that with the increase in years of experience, their wages increase significantly.

For an engineer with 1-4 years of experience, his annual salary is about 300,677 rubles, and as soon as the engineer’s experience reaches 5-9 years, the salary will rise again to a total of 2,00,894 rubles.

lawyer salary in russia

The average salary of a lawyer in Russia is about 1,796374 rubles, which is roughly equivalent to 864 rubles per hour. On the other hand, a junior lawyer at the beginning of his career earns about 1,265,278 rubles. On the other hand, a high-ranking lawyer earns an average salary of 2,257,182 rubles.

Teacher salary in Russia

​​The total salary of a university professor in Russia is 1411,151 rubles, and this is roughly equivalent to about 678 rubles per hour. On the other hand, a junior university professor receives an average salary of 99,9783 rubles. On the other hand, a high-ranking university professor on an average salary earns 1,770,299 rubles.

The fact that Russia has a low cost of living compared to others, even the mega-city Moscow which is famous for being expensive is still affordable by Western standards.

Thus when you take into account the salaries for working in Russia or in Moscow, you can see that it is easy to live in Russia comfortably as an expat, here you will not have a problem to provide a decent apartment, not even to get money to move out, so Russia is a great option to live and work In which.

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