Do you know how much is the salary of work in Greece? Learn about them in this article, in addition to the income tax imposed by the country, the nature of work in this wonderful country, and the salaries of some well-known professions in Greece.

It is difficult to recognize and appreciate the rapid progress of human civilization, without first exploring where its most recent foundations arose.

There is no better way to understand the foundations of Western society and democracy than by working in Greece. A country full of rich and preserved history and a diverse group of visitors all over the world,

Greece is an ideal location to learn and grow by working abroad. As a highly desirable tourist destination, getting a job in Greece can help you gain connections to future international business opportunities while experiencing the exceptionally attractive Greek culture.

Work Salary in Greece

Work Salary in Greece

Greece is also one of the European countries where the law provides for a national minimum wage. This currently amounts to €758.33 per month for people over the age of 18.

However, according to the General Union of Workers of Greece, the average annual gross salary of Greece is about 1150 euros per month, specialists and immigrants can earn more, for example, a content writer can earn more than 1500 euros per month, and in the development sector, salaries are about 2000 euros.

Noting that ((1 Euro = 1.08 US Dollars)) at the moment.

Greek workers are also entitled to bonuses during the year, which correspond to the salary of two additional months: a full month at Christmas, half a month at Easter and half a month at summer holidays.

On the other hand, severance pay varies greatly depending on the length of service of the employee. Starting at one month’s salary for service between two months and a year, gradually increasing up to six months’ salary for ten years of service.

Moreover, to understand your payment receipt in Greece, you need to clarify the contributions that you make to the state as an employee, which are as follows:

  • Pension Fund – 6.67%
  • Healthcare – 2.15%
  • Supplemental Insurance 3.25%
  • Additional contributions – 1.65%
  • Total employee contributions – 14.12%

Income tax on salary in Greece

Regarding the income tax rate in Greece, the Greek state uses a progressive system of tax brackets to calculate how much income tax should be deducted. Individuals in Greece pay income tax according to the following scale:

  • 0 – 1000 € at a tax rate of 9%
  • 10001 – 20000 euros at a tax rate of 22%
  • 20001 – 30,000 euros at a tax rate of 28%
  • 3,001 euros – 40 thousand euros at a tax rate of 36%
  • Over €4,001 – at a tax rate of 44%

A tax called “Social Solidarity Contribution” ranging from 2.2% to 10% is also levied on all incomes over €12,000.

In short, although the salaries may not be the highest in Europe, a reasonable cost of living and a reasonable income tax rate balances the situation and gives you the opportunity to save money and enjoy what this beautiful country has to offer.

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work in Greece

Work Salary in Greece

Since the outbreak of the financial crisis, the Greek economy has faced some challenges.

Although the economy appears to be slowly on the right track, the unemployment rate is still the highest in the EU, so facing this situation, what really makes Greece a viable option for expats.

Among the few things the Greek government is actually making a focused effort to attract incoming talent and entrepreneurs, to give the Greek economy a boost through 3 different job markets:


In the years following the Greek crisis, entrepreneurship in Greece has emerged as a major lever to restore growth and job creation. Although it is not as strong as it is in other European countries,

However, the startup ecosystem has continued to grow ever since, particularly in the IT sector, and offers a high degree of internationalization. This means that as an expat with a technical background, you can be confident in your prospects here.

Tourism makers in Greece

The ever-thriving Greek tourism industry attracts expats every year. Although these jobs are seasonal in nature (particularly on islands), in some locations,

There is always a need for international people with knowledge of English and other languages ​​such as Swedish, German or French. Travel agencies like TUI are also represented in the country with exact multilingual needs.

Outsourcing Services Sector

Many companies in this field have called Greece their home, and they always need multilingual job seekers who can cover their business requirements.

Here you can find the type of roles as varied as the services they provide: from customer service agent, technical support, content supervisor, accountant to sales positions.

Salaries for occupations in Greece

Here is a list of the salaries of the most important and most prominent professions known in Greece:

Doctor salary in Greece

The salary of a doctor in Greece is about 38,900 euros per year.

The number of years of experience affects earnings as well. People with 4 to 8 years of experience get a salary of €52,869. Employees with 2-4 years of experience charge 33,192 euros.

engineer salary in greece

The average annual salary for an engineer in Greece is around $107012. This is the basic salary, and does not include other benefits. Since they are part of a global job market, remote software engineers in Greece usually get higher average salaries than local engineers.

lawyer salary in greece

​​The salary of a lawyer in Greece is 35082 euros.

The number of years of experience affects earnings as well. Persons with 1-2 years of experience get a salary of 49,927 euros. While employees with experience from 12 to 16 years receive 46,525 euros.

English teacher salary in Greece

The average salary for a teacher is between 800 and 1000 euros per month. Experienced teachers may find that they can earn much more than the average. It is also a common practice for teachers to increase their income by providing tutoring in their spare time. Prices for private lessons per hour range from 10 to 20 euros.

Whether you are considering starting a new life on a picturesque island or in the capital city of Athens, Greece offers an ideal environment with a flexible working style, slow life in the Mediterranean and orderly chaos.

Here you can count on endless sunny days, thrill-seeking activities, sparkling beaches, rich culture and a history that never seems to be fully explored. The country is also defined by its people’s love for life even in the most challenging of times, which is quite contagious to newcomers,

With obvious economic stability, Greece is following the path of progress, boasting of the challenges it can present to potential expats and businessmen who want to relocate. Ruled by hospitality and a passion for digital transformation and innovation, the job market in Greece welcomes talents from abroad who want to advance their careers and expand their professional network.

So if you are enchanted by all that the Greek country has to offer, don’t miss the opportunity.

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