In this article, we will present the salaries of work in Chile in detail, as salaries vary according to cities, gender, profession, experience and many other factors, in addition to the annual increase in wages, which also relates to its value in various matters.

Chile A picturesque country with a stable economy, it is located in the southwest of South America, washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean and bordered by Argentina in the east.

The Chilean authorities are pursuing a fairly highly efficient fiscal, economic and social policy, which allows to attract foreign investors, expatriate youth and qualified migrant workers to the country, as well as build foreign trade relations.

Chile has a high-income economy and is considered the most competitive country in Latin America.

Work salary in Chile

Work salary in Chile

The salary in Chile is about $1,128, the average salary in small organizations with up to 15 employees is $564, in small companies with up to 100 employees the cost is $1015, and in companies it is $1,692 Medium-sized employing more than 100 employees.

The average salary in large organizations of 250 people in Chile is $2,143 and in state-funded institutions in Chile the average salary is $1,184.

Note that 1 US dollar equals 863 Chilean pesos at the moment

Work Salaries in Chile by Cities

  • Antofagasta 1,990,000 Chilean Pesos
  • Concepcion 1,750,000 Chilean pesos
  • La Florida 2,050.000 Chilean Pesos
  • Las Condes 1,900,000 Chilean pesos
  • Maibo 2,090,000 Chilean Pesos
  • Penaloline 1,780,000 Chilean pesos

Work Salary in Chile by Gender

Gender is supposed to have no effect on salaries, but in fact it does. Male employees in Chile earn 6% more than female employees in various sectors:

  • Males 1,940,000 Chilean pesos
  • Females 1,830.000 Chilean pesos

Work Salaries in Chile by Type of Work

  • Permanent 56316500 Chilean Pesos
  • Part time 54442000 Chilean pesos
  • Agreement 47188500 Chilean Pesos
  • Self-employed 42,624,500 Chilean pesos

Salaries in Chile by occupation

  • Architect $2,365
  • The cashier is 1639 dollars
  • teacher 1979 dollars
  • Customer Service Representative $1,745
  • Psychiatrist $6517
  • Pediatrician $5,966

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Salaries in Chile by years of experience

Work salary in Chile

  • 14-20 years 74.002000 Chilean pesos
  • 21-25 years 202993500 Chilean Pesos
  • 30-26 years 34800 500 Chilean pesos
  • 31-35 years 47188500 Chilean pesos
  • 36-40 years 61777000 Chilean pesos
  • 41-45 years 76,845,500 Chilean pesos
  • 46-50 years 52,160,000 Chilean pesos
  • 51-55 years 78.077000 Chilean pesos
  • 56-60 years 8,2804000 Chilean pesos
  • 61-65 years 115,648,600 Chilean pesos

Salaries for popular jobs in Chile

  • Accountant 1,240,000 Chilean pesos
  • Accounting Assistant 1,020,000 Chilean Pesos
  • Accounting Manager 2,780,000 Chilean Pesos
  • Chartered accountant 1,650,000 Chilean pesos
  • Corporate Treasurer 2,510,000 Chilean Pesos
  • Financial Analyst 2,400,000 Chilean Pesos
  • Office Manager 1.570,000 Chilean Pesos

Average salary increase in Chile by level of experience

  • Beginner level 3-5%))
  • Intermediate level of professional life (6-9 .%)
  • High level (10-15%)
  • Senior management (15-20)%

Average annual salary increase in Chile by industry

  • Banking 7%
  • energy 5%
  • IT 3%
  • healthcare 1%
  • travel 8%
  • building 6%

Salaries in Chile by field of activity

according to According to Chilean labor law, the working week in the country is 5-6 days and must not exceed 45 hours.

Every Chilean employee can expect to be paid no less than the minimum wage established by law.

Compared to last year, the minimum wage in Chile increased by 10,500 pesos, the equivalent of $13.

Average work salaries by field of activity Based on the main business areas of activity, the main business areas of activity in Georgia Chile are:

Salaries of Public Administration, Court and Notary Public in Chile

The average salary in Chile for the state administration, court, and notary is $3,380, the average salary for a district chief is $11,280, and local government representatives $3,840, and the average salary for Georgia Chilean officials is $2,760. Judges’ salaries are about $6,770.

The income of a private notary is $11,280, while that of a government notary is about $3,380.

Education system salaries in Chile

The average salary in the Chilean education system is $790.

The teacher’s salary is about $900 and the school principal is $1,800. A kindergarten teacher earns in Georgia, Chile, about $560, and the head of the kindergarten, in turn, receives $1,750.

In Chile’s higher education system, salaries are 15-20% higher, a university teacher receives about $1,580, and a university president receives $4,260.

The average salary for a college or technical school teacher is $1,240, and a principal earns $2,930.

Salary in the field of medicine

Work salary in Chile

The salary in the field of medicine in Chile is about 1410 dollars. The salary of a general practitioner is about $2,990, a surgeon’s salary is about $2,030, a nurse earns $1,070, and a chief physician in a hospital earns about $2,990.

Law Enforcement Agencies Salaries

Chile’s security ministries include law enforcement agencies, the military, bailiffs, etc., and it generally depends on rank and position.

The average salary for Chilean security forces is about $1,240, a colonel’s salary is about $2,990, a major is $2,030, a lieutenant or non-commissioned officer is $1,180, and enlisted personnel earn $900.

General catering salaries

The average salary in the catering sector in Georgia Chile is about $1020. The salary of a chef in a restaurant or café is $1,410, a barista $1,180, a waiter’s salary is about $900, and fast food workers in Chile make an average of $790.

Construction industry salaries in Chile

The average salary in construction in Georgia Chile is about $1,300. The average salary of a civil engineer is $2,650, a foreman’s salary is about $1,800, a house painter’s salary is about $1,180, a crane operator is $1,350, and a construction worker’s salary is $1,020.

Salary of office staff in Chile

The average monthly salary of office workers in various fields of activity in Chile is approximately $1,200, a sales manager in Chile receives about $1,240.

The average office manager is about $1,180, the accountant earns about $1,130, and the salary of a lawyer in Georgia Chile is about $1,300.

Salaries in the trade sector

The monthly income of store employees in Chile is about $790, the cashier’s salary is about $730, and the store manager is $1,070..

Transportation sector salaries

The average salary in the transportation industry in Chile is around $790, the driver’s salary is $900, the auto mechanic earns $850 and the taxi driver’s income in Chile is about $1,580 per month.

Utilities sector salaries

The average salary for housing and communal services employees in Chile is about $560, a plumber is also $560, an electrician earns about $730, and the average cleaner’s salary is about $510.

Chile’s economy is quite stable and has the highest level of income as well as economic freedom and freedom of globalization as it is ranked 30th in the world on the basis of competitiveness.

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