It is necessary to express love and we should excluding this feeling as well as expressing the aspects that we like on the other side, and here I have collected for you some phrases that describe love and spinning.

Words of spinning and love

  • How hard are those nights when I try to reach you, to reach your arteries, to your heart. How hard are those nights, how hard are those moments when I look for your chest to hold my head.
  • My love, the longing for you always kills me. You are in my thoughts, my night and my day. Your image is engraved between my eyelids. It is the light of my eyes. Your eyes.. call to my eyes. Your hands.. embrace my hands Your whispers.. make my ears happy.
  • I built the interior of my heart a large palace in which my kingdom lives, in which a princess and I call you my love, decreed everywhere longings from time immemorial, your spectrum when it passes is filled with love and tenderness.

Lover of the beauty of your eyes and touch it from your hands, I see you, you are my princess.

  • The joy precedes me before I see you with blood running in your cheeks, I am insomniac at the moment of your eclipse while I live for you, a lover who seeks your tenderness and love for me. You love you in your words or your silence.
  • I run you into my eyes, I hug you in my heart, my eyelashes mislead you and my love warms you.
  • If I say I love you a million times, I still haven’t said not once. My heart beats for you and the heart beats how many times?
  • My love, is it possible that distances separate us and groans bring us together, O you who possessed my heart and my joy, who adored you and possessed my world.
  • My love, when I sleep, I dream that I see reality, and when I wake up, I hope to see you again…in my dreams.
  • When I start writing, I find myself and find myself, I find myself uttering the oppressed letters that refuse to hide between the lines.
  • Sometimes I find tears flowing on my paper that wets it, so my letters remain the shy self that wants liberation, but it refuses and sometimes when I write I forget that I have alphabets and standards that I should not exaggerate.
  • When I write about my love, I find it embodied with weak meanings between the lines because I find my love inside me stems from all sensitivity, and when I dedicate my letters to my beloved I find that they do not give a meaning like the one in my sentimental because what is in my sentimental is much more.
  • I am confused and my suffering begins and the chapters of my confessions begin with my paper, which I may tear up after that because it may show my weaknesses, but then I feel comfortable and that I have found myself lost,

Do you think I can dedicate my letters?

  • To you, who loved you the heart, to you, who contained your eyes, to you, for whom I live, to you, who pursued me with your shadow, to you, who see your image everywhere. In my my my awakening, to you, who trembles my being. This is the least I can express because your love increases in my heart every moment and because you are everything in my life.
  • Among the men of the world I know a man who splits my history in two, I know a man who colonizes me, sets me free, blames me, scatters me and hides me in his hands. I know a man who resembles the gods of the Greeks, with lightning shining in his eyes and rain from his mouth. I know a man who sings in the depths of the forest, followed by trees and life.
  • If there is pleasure in this life other than loyalty to a friend and his love, then know that people have lost their path in it and honesty has died in its prime.
  • If I count my days with you in a minute, my friend, the seconds will be upset with me.
  • If the stars were talking, I would send with each star a word I love you and die in you.
  • Please, be aware of my graduation at night… because the moon is about to kidnap anyone who is more beautiful than it.
  • He greets you with tenderness, and gives me your eyes, and if they ask me about a wish, I say my Lord bless you.
  • The pinnacle of weakness is to forgive those who do not deserve it, the pinnacle of oppression is that the one you love does not understand you, and the pinnacle of powerlessness is to return to a past that hurts you.
  • The one who created you created a million others, but God created them all. They are not equal to anything other than you.
  • I want to be a smacking star, a whisper of your lips, a candle of night.. but you stay near me while I’m with you.

Celebrity sayings about spinning and love

  • I think we should live happily and love again despite everything that has happened in the past. “Diana Jones”
  • You are all I have left in this life. “Stephanie Meyer”
  • One can resist tears and act well in the saddest of situations, but when he gives his heart and all his feelings to someone else who considers him his other half and they live happily, suddenly this happiness is gone with the departure of love. Love works miracles. Colette, a novelist
  • If I live a thousand years, I want to be by your side every year that I live. And if I live a lot of life, I want you to be mine in every one of it. “Michael Hodkin”
  • Whenever you encounter an opponent, defeat him with love. “Mahatma Gandhi”
  • My dear, this is not a goodbye, but a thank you for the beautiful things you did in my life, thank you for entering my life and giving me happiness, thank you for giving me that beautiful love, thank you for those beautiful memories that I will cherish as long as I live. Despite all of that, thank you for telling me that the time will come when you’ll go away and leave my heart alone. I love you. “Nicholas Sparks”
  • Love is sometimes like a thunderous hurricane, when it comes it causes disasters and leaves a lingering effect that does not fade with the passage of time, one must be strong to overcome this disaster and experience love again. “Catelyn Keitel”
  • A person may leave this life just because he wants to save another person’s life, love has an energy that leaves a mark in one’s life just as a mother does for her children of care, love and attention and leave a positive impact in their lives. Even if the one who was giving us all the love and affection is gone, he will give us some protection that will remain forever. “Rowling”
  • I want to stay by her side all night, good things come to those who wait. “Jesse Scott”
  • I’m not sure anymore if I belong in this world anymore. I’m not sure I want to wake up from this nightmare, he left me after I gave him everything and gave him so much love. “Gail Foreman”
  • The scariest thing in this world is that you never know if the person you gave your heart to one day will miss or forget you. “Nicholas Sparks”
  • I don’t know what it’s called, those spaces in between seconds, but I always think of you in those little moments. “Salvador Placencia”
  • Flowers grew for you and spread their fragrance to fill the universe, which filled me with happiness, I love white statues because they remind me of you and fall asleep in those warm embraces. I forgot that bright face and that beautiful smile. I still remember those painful memories of when you made a disaster in my heart when you left and left me alone. “Pablo Neruda”
  • Please don’t make me write a poem for you, be my poem. “Gail Foreman”
  • There is no better gift than giving that love to someone you feel has your heart. “Charles Dickens”
  • When you fall in love with someone, you make them take care of you without even realizing it. Jodi Picoult
  • When the day comes when the power of love overcomes the love of power, peace will prevail throughout the universe. “Mahatma Gandhi”
  • If you want to love someone forever, this love must be sincere, it will cause a lot of pain if it is not. Sarah Cross
  • She didn’t say that, but I thought she did. That was really my belief, how upset I am. I told her, despite this, I love you. Jarrod Kentz
  • I dreamed that I speak a different language and live with a different personality, so I realized that I live inside it and it lives within me with one soul and one body. “Cliff Parker”

Words of spinning and love

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