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Sunday May 17, 2020

Wooden decorations for walls – messenger

Wooden décor is characterized by its attractive heroine, which attracts attention wherever we are, at home, at work, or even in large art institutions such as theaters, art museums, and others. Wooden decorations of the walls have long been elegant, and have given them a long artistic touch.

Wooden decorations for walls

  • Wooden decorations for the walls vary from those appearing in the frames, to another covering the whole wall, as well as surrounding a mirror, for example, or a design printed on the wall, and so on.
  • What is always distinguished about the wooden decoration of the walls is its ability to add an aesthetic touch to the spirit of nature wherever it occurs. Especially since many cafes and restaurants have adopted it as the main design for their various spaces, and a lot of accessories specific to the place and not only the walls.
  • Wooden decorations had previously been relied on in “ParquetWhich used to cover the floors of homes, companies, or learning arts of movement, among others.
  • The matter developed in the new millennium. Multiple designs of wood decors appeared for the walls. [1]

  • This wooden décor in the bedroom background gives a modern twist, and at the same time it is combined with the wood color of the floor, which has become a feature of ceramic floor tiles, or parquet wood.
  • Other walls of the bedroom, which were kept in simple white, were maintained with the adherence to the presence of quiet lighting, which suits the ambience of the bedroom.

  • The effect of wooden wall decorations appears here with the most modern decoration, which is the separate wall, which is often the reception area, or the living room, to separate the entrance to the house, for example, or the private bedrooms and offices from the reception rooms.
  • Wooden decorations spread out over the space, as evidenced by the table, and some wooden supports, on which candles, books and the tape recorder were placed.

  • This wooden decoration of the walls was famous in the form of paved stones in the early years of the shouting of wooden walls, and was suitable for public places, such as large institutions, or offices, as well as was used in many restaurants and companies.
  • The light brown grades can be relied upon as evidenced, and there are those who prefer dark grades, which give more indication of the seriousness of the workplace.

  • The trend spread that made the bathroom look more modern, and distinguished as a home room, or as a service in the largest restaurants or cafes, as well as clubs, or large companies.
  • Wooden wall designs for bathrooms are flexible; As it may depend on ceramics, or certain types of wood that never adversely affect the temperature for the bathroom.
  • In addition, it gives a good reflection on the glass panels and mirrors, and of course we cannot afford to add a final look that is distinguished in the wooden shelves of the bathroom cabinets, under the sinks, or even sideways.

  • Wooden décor is also suitable for entryway walls of homes or institutions, and is well suited to those homes to which gardens are attached, or green lawn pathways.
  • These decorations can also be used to add the same aesthetic touch to the ceiling of the corridor, as well as the diversity of the colors of wood used, which depend not only on the shades of orange or brown, but also develop into shades of gray.

  • Wooden décor is spread as a basis that can be nominated for a break room, in clubs, companies, or some educational center, for example; Especially since the wall here is wooden columns arranged vertically, separated from each other.
  • As a modern glimpse of the same wall design, this tall wooden bench has been placed on a parquet floor, and there is also a wooden door and a wooden ceiling in the room.

  • The wooden walls here are classic in design, as they surround an office room in a company, or official institution.
  • The color is dark brown, and the alumetal door may have broken this very strong color, to determine the only outlet through which it can pass.

Wooden decorations for modern walls

  • The wood decorations of the walls here are very simple, as the wall can be removed and installed, and of course it can be moved, and also distributed according to the space in which it will be placed.
  • This wooden décor can represent a pleasant pillar of a family party in the modern house, in its reception yard, or for example a photography site; Especially since the accessories represented by baskets and wooden frames have completed the artistic touch of a beautiful wooden décor of the wall.

  • In this design the wooden wall decor is represented in the shelves that take many shapes, and because the room decor is classic, it was not difficult to choose the shelves; Not even the selection of some statues or simple art objects stacked on the shelves.
  • Tables and benches adopted the wooden foundation, and of course the door to the room, and the colors ranged from dark brown, to the brightest shades of orange, or brighter brown.

  • The presence of shelves differs in this design, because the wall is designed to be the wooden basis, which is covered with shelves, and that some brochures, candles, dishes and cups, and a TV screen were distributed to suit the dining room.

Distinctive wooden decorations for the walls

  • This model has one of the most modern styles of wooden shelves, as an important wall decoration.
  • They are characterized by varying sizes, although the characteristic that all of them are dominated is that they are rectangular in shape.
  • They are stacked in an airy, and at the same time accurate manner, which paves the way for carrying sculptures, for example, or works of art, which can be seen according to the side where the shelf bends towards the light, for example, or one of the corners of the room.
  • These shelves can be suitable for a corporate office, or for senior staff to manage gyms, for example, or clubs, and for some museums or art galleries.

  • This time, the décor comes to reveal one of the modern and lofty glimpses of the wooden wall, through the stacking of colored wooden beams in different degrees and at different scales, next to each other.
  • This décor fits the wall in a chalet, or beachfront house, as well as some pleasant places; Like clubs.

  • Frames of these mirrors are another type of wooden accessory that decorates the walls of the home, which can be placed in the living room, or at home.
  • These wooden frames are distinguished by their various shapes and colors, and that they do not only contain mirrors, but one of them may make a distinction due to its color, the presence of one of the images, or the English letters in it.

  • The wooden walls here are an additional touch of a corner of the house, which appears to belong to the living room or reception.

  • In this design, wood is spread as a major component of walls, floor, and also for the entrance to the house.
  • It varies in its prints, as well as in its subtle hue, which shows its distinction of course through quiet lights, simple and modern pieces of furniture, or classic.

  • This room has some modern wooden decors, which represent frames, and are in the form of stars, floral shapes, as well as the steering wheel shapes of the ship.
  • Creativity appears in these compact shapes, when placed on the wall takes a random shape, giving an aesthetic and flowery image.

Precautions may increase with the presence of wood as a decorative element or a major home accessory in permanent cleaning and home sterilization, to avoid the harm of some insects, which are known to spoil the wood, but this does not prevent the imparting of these contemporary touches, which have a high artistic value.

It is also possible to choose between multiple details, and ask technicians, or specialists in the installation of wood decors about the best types that can withstand different temperatures, as well as asking the best way to protect them.

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