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Tuesday February 23, 2021

Witness: Nowruz Diplomacy Forum brings countries celebrating one holiday

The World – Reporters

The days are approaching Spring and Nowruz, which is celebrated by hundreds of millions around the world. A holiday, but a civilization, as some call it, the people gathered under its umbrella.

Participants in the “Nowruz diplomacy” forum in Tehran believe that the celebration of Nowruz can be an opportunity to reduce the breaks and to further strengthen relations between peoples. And that Nowruz has energies that can be used to make the world peace and friendship based on monotheism and justice.

The Director General of Public Diplomacy at the Iranian Foreign Ministry, Ali Reza Dalkhoush, said: “International experiences prove that countries that have common historical ties can achieve better political and economic dealings.”

The forum, which had the participation of representatives from some neighboring countries of Iran, seeks to use the energies of the occasion and celebrate it among different peoples to strengthen relations between these countries in their various forms, on top of them cultural, political and economic.

Abed Akbari, director of the research institute, Abed Akbari, told Al-Alam channel: “We host in this forum representatives of countries such as Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Azerbaijan and Tajistan, and we aim in this forum to strengthen relations between the participating countries.”

Culture has its energies, peoples have their history and their contributions, and Nowruz is one of them; It is believed here that Nowruz bridges can be extended to the corridors of diplomacy, hoping that it would be a factor for further dealings between the countries celebrating it.

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Nowruz means “new day” in the Persian language, and it is a feast in which some rituals are held to celebrate the coming of spring and the beginning of the year according to the solar calendar followed by some countries, including Iran. The 21st of March was chosen as the official day for celebrating Nowruz by a decision of the United Nations .

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