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Saturday January 16, 2021

Withdrawal of contaminated ice cream from eastern China!

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The official Chinese newspaper “China Daily” said that the ice cream that was found contaminated with the virus was made locally, but ingredients were used in its preparation from Ukraine and New Zealand.

The manufacturer revealed that it had produced 4,836 boxes of ice cream recently, of which 1,812 were sold to different provinces, while the local authorities in Tianjin launched a campaign to close the product’s cold stores.

So far, the authorities have withdrawn 2,089 boxes of ice cream, each containing 6 packages weighing 450 grams per package, according to “China Daily”, while the rest of the shipment is being tracked.

On the other hand, she stressed that most of the funds that entered the market have not yet reached the hands of consumers.

The health authorities have asked Tianjin residents who bought the ice cream to follow up on their health and report any symptoms that may arise on them.

The company’s 1,662 employees were quarantined and conducted a test Thursday, following directions from the Tianjin Disease Control Center.

Stephen Griffin, a virologist at the University of Leeds, said that “the low temperature in which the ice cream was stored, and that it contained fats, could explain why the Corona virus was alive in it.”

He added, “It is possible that the contamination came from a person,” but he made clear that “it does not seem to be worrying.”

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