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Saturday October 17, 2020

Winning line … Arabic calligraphy | Middle east

Winning line … Arabic calligraphy

Saturday – 1 Rabi ‘al-Awwal 1442 AH – October 17, 2020 CE

Abdul Aziz Al-Ghayamah

The goal line, the touch line, the penalty area line, the midfield line, these are the four types of lines that define the parameters of the football field, demarcate its borders and make its systems, but for the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professional Cup League in its 2020-2021 edition, which will start today (Saturday) A new line appears decorating the game, distinguishing our fingerprint, and stems from our identity, which is the “thuluth” line.
This comes after the Ministry of Culture’s partnership with the Ministry of Sports through the Saudi Professional League, where it signed an agreement to activate the “Year of Arabic Calligraphy” initiative by Arabizing the names of players present behind their shirts, throughout the season, for all participating clubs.
Regarding the game, the first article of the Football Law states, “The stadium must be laid out with clear, white lines and not engraved in order to preserve the safety and security of the players. The match is not played permanently if the lines or one of them are blurred or not exposed. The lines are part of the court or the areas that define them, meaning that the ball on the touch or goal lines is considered on the court, and the offense committed on the penalty area line is considered inside the penalty area. The shape of the playing field is rectangular with two lines called the touch lines along the rectangle, in addition to two short lines on the edges of the width of the playing field, which are the goal lines.
By the same logic, dealing with calligraphy in the game of football is in line with and in harmony with the spirit of Arabic calligraphy and its dimensions in terms of its importance and necessity in making our civilization and documenting our history and the mediator between us and ourselves and with the whole world, also regarding the diversity of Arabic fonts and their function and competitiveness in taking care of them and the aesthetics of each Among them, also the development of Arabic fonts and their interconnectedness, and the most valuable attachment to identity, as part of our Arabism, our originality, our privacy and our uniqueness in that.
In particular, the “thuluth” font chosen by the Ministry of Culture in the identity of the Arabic calligraphy initiative to be the font used in writing the names of the players is an indication of the attractiveness and ingenuity in drawing the letter and the appearance of the word, and because of the originality of this font and its suitability for new technologies and artificial intelligence during its use, and the space it imposes as It offers aesthetic painting in its details, formality and attractiveness.
In general, the initiative for the year of the Arabic calligraphy first, then choosing the line of “the third” and the subsequent activities and competitions in activating the initiative and enhancing its presence in a tangible way among members of society, then the step of attendance within the football game reflects the long-term, comprehensive and highly influential strategy pursued by the Ministry of Culture And stresses its role in serving the Arabic language; Whether by caring for the elements of their expression, or the products they emanate from, and an expression marked by displacing the deficient concept; That culture affects the elite, to be a manifestation and practice of all segments of society.
Certainly, this step allows the “thuluth” line to transcend its function, being a tool for drawing the letter, until it is a line of return, continuity, crossing, attraction, surprise and victory, as if it has acquired a new dimension and a more spacious space. It is delightful that with the presence of the Arabic language through the “thuluth” line on the players’ shirts, in the screens, in the means of communication and in all the windows of the presence of the players, and in the pictures, jogging and expressions of joy and enthusiasm, it is a very poetic and intelligent scene to reach and interact on a scale that exceeds the expected limits, and an innovative practice in Express our cultural, knowledge and human heritage.




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