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Sunday November 22, 2020

Widespread controversy on the Egyptian networking sites because of Sisi’s dogs

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The hashtag # House of Dog_ Al-Sisi took the lead in “Twitter” in Egypt, on Saturday night, and activists circulated the video clips broadcast by the Egyptian opposition journalist “Moataz Matar” through his program on the “Al-Sharq” satellite channel that broadcasts from Turkey, which he said was received by one of the workers in building the palace.

One of the sections shows houses with large areas attached to the palace, dedicated to the possession and breeding of dogs, with inside them dormitories, bathrooms and bathtubs.

Observers are scarce about Sisi’s keenness to build homes in this area for breeding dogs, at a time when the suffering of the poor in Egypt continues, and those who live in dilapidated or narrow homes.

The Egyptian contractor and artist, “Muhammad Ali”, and his fellow YouTuber “Abdullah Al-Sharif” published, months ago, videos from inside “Sisi’s” palaces in New Alamein, which he said also came from one of the officers involved in securing it. Building and “finishes”, which caused an uproar, at the time, prompted the Egyptian president to respond publicly, and to confirm that he is continuing to build those palaces “for the sake of Egypt,” he said.

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