All human beings go back in their lineage to one soul, which is the soul of Adam, peace be upon him. God Almighty willed to create a human being from clay, then he made him and breathed into him of his soul and commanded the angels to prostrate to him in honor of his creation, and all the angels prostrated except for Satan on him, the curse of God, and God created Glory be to Him, from the body of Adam, peace be upon him, a soul named Eve, so that he may dwell in her and reassure his soul, and the creation was from a rib that is crooked from the ribs of Adam’s body, peace be upon him, as mentioned in the authentic hadith on the authority of the Messenger, peace and blessings be upon him.

Eve was Adam’s wife and companion in Heaven until what happened from Satan’s temptation and his temptation to Adam and Eve when they ate from the tree that they were forbidden, so God Almighty sent them down to earth after He repented of them, so what is the reason for naming Eve by this name?

The meaning of the word Eve in the Arabic language

Scholars and historians differed as to the reason for naming Eve by this name, because there is no authentic hadith from the Prophet, may God bless him and grant him peace, in this regard. The red tends to black and tan, so the owners of this opinion say that Eve was so named because she is the dermis of the skin, meaning brown.

Why is Eve given this name?

Imam al-Nawawi, in his explanation of the Sahih of Imam Muslim, narrated a narration on the authority of Ibn Abbas, may God be pleased with him, that Eve was named by this name because she is the mother of every living thing. God Almighty willed that Eve would bear in each womb two pairs of a male and a female, and it was the custom of Adam, peace be upon him, to marry a male of each womb to a female of another womb, in order to avoid alienation as much as possible.

Imam al-Qurtubi narrated in his tafsir another reason for naming Eve by this name. Where he mentioned a narration that says that while Adam, peace be upon him, was sitting alone, God created his wife Eve from his rib without realizing. From a person, and she is Eve because she was created from a living person, and this dialogue took place between the angels and Adam, peace be upon him, in order to test his knowledge, and God Almighty knows best.

Why were you called Eve that name

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