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Thursday October 15, 2020

Why should the Maldives be your next destination?

Simply it is one of the tourist faces that literally the majority of the inhabitants of the earth dream about, the rare beaches of this country that extend along the turquoise waters and the smile that does not leave the faces of the local population in addition to that peace and positive energy that every visitor feels as soon as he steps on the land of Male Airport (Malé) International, reasons have made tourism the main source of income for the country.

The Maldives is a series of coral islands that number approximately 1,200 islands grouped into a doubling chain of 26 coral islands in the northcentral Indian Ocean, and part of it is located in the northern hemisphere, while the other part is located in the southern hemisphere from Earth.

The Maldives has the distinction of being one of the smallest countries in Asia and the Pacific in terms of geographical area and population. The capital, Malé, is also the most densely populated city, despite its small area, which does not exceed 2 km2.

To go back a little bit in history, tourism began in the Maldives since the seventies of the last century, and it has been an important factor in supporting the country’s economy since that time, and attention has been paid to developing all the islands in the Maldives, even small ones, so that the total income from the tourism sector is about $ 600 million. Annually to the state treasury.

Also, all these islands are characterized by welcoming tourists who come to them from everywhere, and everyone who has a valid passport, sufficient money and a travel ticket can visit this depository country without the need for a visa, as it activates the open door policy ( Open Door Policy) to receive tourists, which helps encourage tourists to visit it from everywhere in the world.

Malé International Airport is the official airport serving the Maldives, known in the past as Ibrahim Nasir International Airport, the second president of the Maldives, and the first plane landed on the airport on 10/19/1960.

The airport is currently operated by the national airline known as the Maldives Islands Limited Airports Company, which serves ten local destinations. The airport also provides transportation services to more than thirty international destinations, and service to more than thirty international airlines, which makes reaching those islands in the middle of the Pacific Ocean an issue. So easy.

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But why should the Maldives be your next destination?

Well, regardless of the prevailing idea that the Maldives is the perfect destination for honeymoon (and this is true of course), it also offers what suits all types of tourists and visitors regardless of the purpose of the visit.

The diverse activities and multiple ways of life have made these islands a destination for all types of visitors looking for either tranquility, bustle, water activities or even those wishing to spend a beautiful time with the family away from the complexities of daily life.

One of the things that Arab tourists in general and Muslims in particular love when visiting this country is that the religion of all local residents is Islam, which means that all food provided is halal slaughter in addition to the spread of mosques.

As for the language, the English language is widely spread in the Maldives, and the visitor will not face any difficulty in dealing with those responsible for the tourist resorts or even with the locals, regardless of the place of residence.

Best time to visit Maldives

The Maldives has a hot and humid tropical climate, with average temperatures ranging between 23 ° -31 ° Celsius, which makes it a suitable tourist destination throughout the year, but of course there are better periods than others to visit the islands, depending on the different periods of winds and precipitation, as The best weather in the Maldives is between the months of November and April, with the spread of sunlight throughout the day, the possibility of light rain, and the warmth of the air and water.

The most important activities that can be done in the Maldives


The Maldives includes more than 1,000 coral islands filled with many coral reefs, which makes snorkeling in its waters, seeing unique coral reefs, and swimming with fish is one of the best and most beautiful activities, and the visitor has the opportunity to choose the island that contains coral reefs to dive directly From the beach.

Swimming with dolphins

One of the other activities that I personally love is watching and swimming with dolphins, as the Maldives is one of the most popular tourist attractions in the world to see dolphins, as these cute creatures are found everywhere on the islands, and so many resorts seek to organize excursions To see dolphins with the sunset.

It is noteworthy that the southern atoll near Male is the most common place for dolphins.

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water sports

As many tourist resorts provide a free opportunity to practice some water sports, including: kayaking, water skiing, windsurfing, and others, in addition to the presence of independent water sports companies in inhabited islands such as Maafushi Island, which is located near the capital, Male. .

It is noteworthy that many tourist resorts provide special trainers to teach windsurfing, especially between the months of May to November.

the hunt

A tourist can rent a boat and go on a fishing trip, which most tourist resorts offer a cooking service for you in the evening.

Health care

Most resorts in the Maldives have spas, which give the visitor an unforgettable experience of rest and relaxation.

It should be noted that there is in the Maldives the first underwater spa in the world, Huvafen Fushi, which provides the visitor with special care in a glass room that enables the visitor to watch fish and other aquatic animals while on the massage table.

There are also health resorts in the Maldives that suit people who love the atmosphere, as they contain treatment rooms created from branches and branches wrapped together in the form of a cocoon, in addition to the presence of a spa that features traditional herbal treatments.

Stroll the shimmering beaches at night

One of the things that make these islands more distinctive is the transformation of their shores at night into beautiful pearls, due to the occurrence of biological luminescence of marine organisms present in the beaches, which leads to emission of light from them and as a result of the presence of large numbers of these small marine organisms, the beach appears to be lit with pearls.

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The most prominent tourist attractions in the Maldives

Male Island | Malé

One of the best islands in the Maldives, and it is considered the capital, and is characterized by colorful buildings, and various commercial markets.

The island contains charming beaches, fine restaurants, and many tourist, historical and cultural attractions.

Hillingili Island Resort | helengeli

The resort is located in a secluded area on the northeastern side of Male Atoll, a picturesque atoll.

The island resort of Hellingele is one of the most popular tourist destinations for diving lovers, and the resort includes a diving school, and all the necessary equipment for diving.

There are plenty of fine restaurants on the island, which provide great food while enjoying watching dolphins.

Cocoa Island Cocoa Island

Many consider it a distinctive destination for a fun honeymoon, as it is characterized by crystal clear water, with white sand, and enjoys the bright sun most times of the year.

It houses many highend villas, suites, and samba treatments that provide guests with comfort and relaxation.

Paradise Resort | Paradise Island

The most important and largest of the Maldives resorts.

The resort overlooks the most beautiful beaches of the island, and all its visitors enjoy practicing different sports such as diving, beach ball, and other different water sports.

Addu Atoll City | Addu City

It is considered the second city after the capital, Male, which is an important economic and administrative center of the country, and contains charming beaches and a large number of the most beautiful coral reefs.

W Resort Maldives | W Maldives

It is located on a private island and attracts a large number of tourists and is therefore considered one of the beautiful resorts in the Maldives, as the island contains white sandy beaches, as well as clear blue water and distinct coral reefs.

The resort provides various tourist activities, the most important of which are water sports and yoga.

Finally, I hope dear reader for you the opportunity to visit this charming place, which I really hope to visit one day and spend some time away from all the hustle and bustle around us.

Oh God, travel …

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