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Wednesday March 11, 2020

Why London? Because it is exceptional! Learn about the most beautiful tourism experiences in it

Between luxurious accommodation 🛁 and delicious food 🍳
Or between stylish shopping 🛍 and amazing adventures ⛷
Solo, with family or even with friends
London amazes you by its beauty during the day
While holding your breath at night 🤩!

London chic dancer on the banks of the Thames
Walking with a royal prestige 👑 on the park promenade, the palace, and the cathedral,
Blitz of the hearts of millions around the world;
Smart and ancient city,
And a modern tourist destination that speaks culture and arts,
Vibrant with love and vitality,
Her visit is the dream of millions around the world.

⏰ Because bookings for winter season trips are in full swing,
الوقوف We must stand at the most beautiful waiting in London:

✔️ Winter sports, Christmas celebrations and New Year greetings
التاريخي Historic palaces and stunning architecture 🏰
Rich and elegant markets and distinctive cultural life
✔️ Historic streets, festivals, arts and museums 🐿
الرياضي Athletic fields and unique royal parksائق

The most famous addresses and landmarks in London

🇬🇧 London Eye and Tower Bridge {Tower Bridge}

  • In the southern part of London you’re on a date with a bunch of cool headlines,
    The famous London Eye Wheel and the Tower Bridge known as “Tower Bridge” or “London Bridge” most notable;
    Don’t miss a ride in the wheel to have beautiful views of the city.

🇬🇧 Parliament building, clock tower {Big Ben}

  • “Big Ben” or the clock tower is the official symbol of the capital, London, a base station in London,
    Also, the Parliament building next to it is one of the most beautiful buildings throughout the Kingdom, so make sure to visit them.

من Westminster Abbey and St Paul’s Cathedral

  • Don’t miss a tour of the place that celebrated the wedding of Prince William and Duchess Kate Middleton, it is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and important headlines in London “Westminster Abbey”,
    In which the kings of Britain are crowned, and a visit to the St. Paul’s Cathedral surrounded by very beautiful gardens will add another dimension to your London experience.
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British Museum and Wax Museum “Madame Tussauds”

  • In the northern part of London, you are on a date with the world’s most respected leaders and celebrities!
    The wax museum known as “Madame Tussauds” is one of the most important tourist museums in London.
    The British Museum is the largest museum in the United Kingdom and one of the most important and ancient museums in the world.

London Excursions

🇬🇧 Watch the Royal Guard Replacement – Buckingham Palace

  • A morning visit to Buckingham Palace on the days when the Royal Guard is to be replaced will enable you to see soldiers in special uniforms,
    With their black hats, their rigid outlooks and their highly sophisticated military movements, they will surely impress young and old.

🇬🇧 Football and Olympic Park stadiums

  • To be among the fans in a match for Chelsea, Arsenal or Tottenham is one of London’s favorite tourist experiences,
    A lot of excitement and suspense awaits you, especially if you are interested in this popular sport.
    A tour of the Olympic Park and the climb to the summit of the giant ArcelorMittal will make you have amazing views of the city.
    Enjoy surfing on the world’s longest skiing orbits after taking some pictures from the top.

🇬🇧 Water cruise on the Thames

  • Explore London from different angles and take the most beautiful memorial photos during a boat cruise on the Thames.

London shopping experiences

🛍 Oxford Street: Bond Street, Regent Street

  • In the “West End” and close to the famous Piccadilly Circle, Oxford is the famous shopping street with its distinctive atmosphere, luxury brand stores and international fashion houses.
    Oxford is the largest street in the shopping district, including Bond Street, a wealthy destination and a worldrenowned shopping destination, Regent Street and more.

دن Camden Lock District

  • A charming area that attracts tens of thousands every weekend to enjoy meeting designers and craftsmen
    This is in a group of kiosks and shops that display rare products and unique handicrafts.

Greenwich Market {Arts Market}

  • A base stop in London for music and art lovers, where you can stroll through a unique collection of paintings and handicrafts,
    Enjoy great classical music while resting in one of the cafes and restaurants on the market.

م Primark Store and Harrods

  • Harrods, the largest European store by far, is a popular destination for tourists to shop and is very close to Hyde Park on Brompton Street;
    As for the Primark store, it is one of the unmistakable addresses to buy premium quality products at very low prices.

London’s most beautiful gardens

🇬🇧 Hyde Park

  • Your visit to London will not be complete without touring even for a short time in the distinctive Hyde Park Royal Park, it is one of the largest and most beautiful parks in London,
    In the middle of a large lake in which you will enjoy reading while your little ones enjoy watching fountains, ducks and squirrels,
    Hyde Park welcomes you to the Winter Games city of Winter Wonderland during the winter season, providing a range of entertainment facilities, shops and restaurants.

🇬🇧 Regent’s Park and Zoo

  • Another very beautiful royal park, with a wonderful lake and waterfall,
    The park also includes the University of Regent and the zoo, which was opened to visitors after being used for research.

الملكية Royal Botanic Gardens “Kew”

  • On the River Thames in the southwestern part of London, a charming beauty royal park awaits for you, which includes a lake, forest and vast green areas,
    It provides paths between flower arrangements and coordinated trees or on bridges suspended over tall trees,
    There are too many amazing experiences, whether inside the greenhouse, temple or palace, waiting for you.
    Do not miss standing at the beehive anthropomorphic.

Food and tasting experiences in London

ور Edgor Road {Arab Street}

  • Live the Arabic ambiance in the luxurious center of London, and enjoy distinctive dishes from various Arab kitchens on this street, which is famous for its distinctive Arabic cafes and sweets, as well as shopping.

🇬🇧 West End

  • West End – a very large area that includes a group of shopping streets and is part of the taxfree zone, as most of the stores offer tax refunds.
  • Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar, Oxford Street, Soho and Covent Garden Market ..
    They are all located within a region West End It offers a wide choice of local and international cuisine ranging from international restaurant networks to famous chefs’ Michelinstarred restaurants.
    You will be able to move between them quite easily.
  • As for Boro Market Near London Bridge, Camdan Market North London, Portobello Market West London andBrick Lane Street..
    Additional special addresses where you can get special meals alongside the clothing and jewelry stores and of course the famous souvenir shops.

Why London?
Because it’s exceptional.

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with all love,
Sacrificed Hajj

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