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Friday November 27, 2020

Why is Saudi Arabia trying to play the role of the victim in Yemen?

The world – what do you think

Yemeni media people say that the wailing of the Riyadh authorities, who have tasted defeat with the Yemeni army’s missiles and the popular committees, reveals the Saudi impotence in confronting the Yemeni forces.

The media confirmed that the Yemeni army is hitting Aramco because this company is the backbone of the Saudi economy, and Saudi Arabia’s claim that hitting Aramco will affect the global economy is a departure from reality, stressing that hitting Aramco will affect the Saudi economy only, and they indicated that by striking Aramco, the living situation of the Saudi citizen will worsen. And the Riyadh authorities spent huge sums in the framework of their wrong policies.

The media also unanimously agreed that Riyadh realizes that it is in trouble and that the United States in its new administration will abandon it and that is why it is trying to make the bombing of Aramco a global dimension.

For their part, members of the political bureau of the Ansar Allah movement affirmed that Yemen, with its people and its military forces, is in a state of defense and not as is the site for Saudi Arabia and its allies in their aggression against Yemen, and they added that Yemen is responding to the Saudi aggression with the possible and available in its hands and with the weapon that develops every day in the Yemeni military centers in the framework Legitimate and legal.

Members of the political bureau of Ansar Allah movement also confirmed that the framework for responding to the Saudi aggression in the next stage will be painful unless Riyadh stops its aggression and siege on the Yemeni people, pointing to the assertion of the leader of the Ansar Allah movement, Mr. Abdul Malik Badr Al-Din Al-Houthi, regarding the methods of responding to the Saudi aggression, as they indicated To the fact that Riyadh depends on Aramco even in its aggression against Yemen and other peoples, stressing that there is no way for Saudi Arabia but to extend the hand of peace and peaceful solutions to the Yemeni crisis.

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Saudi dissidents, in turn, confirmed that Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is in a difficult position and is looking for a way out to end the Yemeni crisis and get out of it.

They added that the Saudi forces today cannot repel Yemeni missiles against Aramco, especially since Riyadh knows well that in the next stage it will enter another dilemma, which is Washington’s abandonment of it in the Biden government, who promised to stop military support for the Saudi forces and to prosecute bin Salman for killing the Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi, expecting that Britain is playing the role of a substitute for the United States in supporting bin Salman’s crimes in Yemen and the region.

what do you think?

Why was Saudi Arabia unable to confront the Yemeni forces?

What are the ways out of bin Salman from the Yemeni crisis?

Does Saudi Arabia’s invocation of the Security Council constitute a way out to save its face, or is it an expression of inability to confront the Yemenis?

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