In fact, this saying (everything is forbidden is desirable) is as old as man himself and has synonyms close to the same meaning in most living languages ​​in the world, and perhaps the reasons for this go back to the story of the first creation, as Adam and his wife were expelled from the bliss of their paradise because of They ate from a tree that was prevented from them by order of God Almighty and Majestic, for God allowed them everything that was in their paradise with the exception of one tree, and the devil had whispered to them, so he tempted them and desired them in that tree as much as he desired, and what happened from the complete story that you know (and Whoever does not know it should refer to it with another reference), and he described that event as an example of wanting to be forbidden.

In fact, the subject is philosophical to a large extent, a theory may say that what was in the right of our master Adam was all forbidden and desirable, except that Satan was the one who whispered to him to commit the forbidden. You did not look at a child while you were playing with him, then you hid something in your pocket and the child saw you hiding it and did not pay much attention to it and continued playing with you, even if you provoked him by saying that you hid something beautiful in my pocket, he might tell you what it is and if you say To him it’s something you don’t care, he might end up like that, but if you tell him to provoke him from the start, what a provocation I hid something very, very beautiful in my pocket, and when he asked what it was, I told him I would never, never tell you, and you should never know it. , I would have found him angry and started trying to search for what was inside your pocket, and he might have used a little violence for that, and if he did not get what he wanted, he would become more nervous and desire this forbidden!

I have told you this simple story to demonstrate that the love of knowing the unknown is inherent in the soul, and in my opinion, not everything that is forbidden is absolutely desirable, but there is an additional condition that must be met besides the prohibition, such as provocation regarding the forbidden or whispering about the forbidden or incitement to commit the forbidden or lustful desires for that forbidden , and what is for that.

Why is everything forbidden desirable?

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