Change of center of gravity

The change in the center of gravity during pregnancy causes the pregnant woman to suffer from back pain, for two reasons. The first is the weakness and fatigue of the muscles faster than it is in the normal situation, and this is what prompts the woman to take the wrong postures or it may make her taking the wrong postures worse. The second reason is the muscular balance disorder in the body, which causes stress and pressure on the muscles that carry weights in the body.[1]


During a healthy pregnancy, a woman gains a weight ranging between 11.6-16 kg, and this gained weight requires additional effort from the spine to support it, and may lead to back pain, and in addition, the increased size of the uterus and the fetus causes pressure on the blood vessels and nerves of the pelvis. And back, which leads to back pain during pregnancy as well.[2]

hormonal changes

The body releases the hormone relaxin during pregnancy, which is important to relax the pelvic ligaments and joints, in preparation for the birth process.[2]


Stress, anger and emotional discomfort can cause back pain to worsen in a pregnant woman, due to the effect of tension in places of weakness in the body often, and therefore it is necessary for a pregnant woman to control tension and deal well with angry situations.[3]


In addition to the above, there are a number of factors that are related to a pregnant woman’s feeling of pain in her back, including what is related to the position she takes, studies have shown that taking the wrong positions causes her to feel back pain, including: bending forward, and standing for long periods. From time, and so on, the pregnant woman should take the appropriate positions as much as possible.[3]

the reviewer

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Why does a pregnant woman have back pain?

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