Convincing the public of products is the most difficult thing for e-store owners or those who are about to buy Create an online store; Due to the lack of clarity of the true texture of the product and the ambiguity of the details that customers find when shopping directly, so shop owners need to photograph the products with high professionalism so that they can convince the online shopper of what they offer. How do you start photographing your products for your online store?

What is meant by product photography?

product photography Commercial photography or e-commerce photography is to take pictures of products for sale in high quality, then display them on websites and social media platforms after making some necessary adjustments in lighting and design to promote the product and give a good impression of it to potential customers and increase the percentage of sales on your online store.

Why do online stores need a professional product photography?

The online shopper searches for real photos of the products in high quality, showing the product from multiple angles, to satisfy his curiosity and questions. That’s why product photography helps you:

  1. Influencing the customer’s purchase decision: Professional product photography helps to highlight the product images from different angles, which contributes to covering the biggest drawback of e-commerce, which is the lack of clarity of the true texture of the product, when the images are close to reality and good, you will gain the trust of customers.
  2. Increase online store sales: Showing the characteristics and features of the products when photographing gives the online buyer confidence in your store, because the buyer needs high-quality images that satisfy his curiosity about the product and how to use it.
  3. Increase site visits: next to e-commerce store design Attractive, good images in the store attract the customer to spend as much time as possible in the store, browsing products and moving between pages, which increases your store’s conversion rate.

What are the types of product photography?

When photographing their online store products, merchants rely on two main types, one focusing on the product and the other on how it is used:

  1. Product photography on a white background:Also called solid single photography, or clean photos of products, the customer pays attention to the details of the product itself, and displays the product against a white background from multiple angles and distances.
  2. Bioimaging: This type is used to bring the product to life, showing the practicality, the effect of the product and how it is used and is often accompanied by complementary products.

What tools do professionals use when photographing products?

Specialists use several tools to produce high-quality product images, the most important of which are:

Camera: The camera is the first tool you need to photograph your products, and it is preferable to use a camera with a high-resolution lens in displaying details, to get more attractive images for the audience. You can also use a mobile camera, bearing in mind that the lens resolution is 12 mega pixel or higher, and install the phone on a stand to avoid shaking, And do not use flash.

Camera holder: The camera mount gives stable photos, free from the effects of shake, and keeps camera settings, angle and lighting adjusted.

lighting: The online shopper is looking for pictures of natural products that highlight the product details and colors in their true form, without playing with lighting to change its shape, so the type of lighting used must be chosen, whether it is back, side or double top lighting.

Background selection: Customers want product-focused images. Backgrounds full of details annoy and distract the buyer, so try to choose simple backgrounds that show the product.

Product preparation: Many people think that just having the product is enough to start shooting, but you may need time to prepare and position the product at a proper angle so it shows well.

Photo editing software: Before publishing the image, you may need to make some adjustments, and add some details and artistic touches to the image, so the Photoshop program offers a wide range of options for editing, from modifying colors, filters, background, and others. The program also allows Gimp Adjust image layers and filter many elements such as colors, saturation, brightness, and others.

What are your top tips for shooting amazing products?

Getting the final product image after the onboarding journey is fun, but some mistakes may occur that were not taken into account, so we advise you to:

  1. Use a product shooting resolution higher than 50 mega pixel.
  2. Focus on natural lighting, such as daylight or white light, to get a natural picture.
  3. Avoid shadows in the product image by using reflective or bounce cards.
  4. Get multiple photos from different angles and with multiple shots.
  5. Highlight the details of the product when photographing and choose the appropriate angle to come out with a final picture.
  6. Explain the different colors and designs that differ in small details when viewing the product.
  7. Use photo editing software to edit photos before you post them.
  8. Add explanatory details about the products in the gallery.

In conclusion, the process of photographing products for e-stores or social networking sites is an important matter in the marketing process, due to the large number of products that fill the cyberspace, so you must take good care of the images and produce them with high accuracy in order to gain the trust of the audience and get customers.