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Thursday December 10, 2020

Why do many women and girls love horseback?

Like a lot of little girls, I was completely obsessed with horses. My grandfather’s family raised horses, and he was the one who first put his hands on a horse when I was only three years old. And for many years, when I wasn’t near the horses, I watched horse cartoons and played with horse statues and painted until I grew up becoming one of the women obsessed with horses.

This is not entirely surprising lately. Before the last two decades, men owned the majority of horses and used them for competition and money, in forests and farms, and at events. However, as I got older, men became a minority at every equestrian and horse event. And in most equine-related spaces, women are more prevalent than men. Moreover, we find the proportion of horse owners In all of the USA And theGreat Britain More than 90% of all horse owners are women. And theThree out of four students Women are enrolled in riding schools in Europe. It was not until 1957 that a woman worked in equine veterinary medicine Now 4 out of 5 graduates in Equine Veterinary Medicine are women.

So, there is one question that people have asked me several times as an evolutionary psychiatrist interested in human-animal relations: Why do women and girls love horses?

Are women only interested in express or large transportation? No. Women are in the minority among motorcyclists (20%) and truck owners. Do women like animals in general? Yes, 85% of dog handlers are women. It was written in A recent article: “Women are more likely to participate in animal protection and defense. They are more likely to be vegetarians, more inclined to adopt more animals, and less likely to hunt or engage in direct abuse of animals.”

Few other professional fields are experiencing such a dramatic shift from men to women as have veterinary medicine and other areas related to animals. The hypothesis may refer to social construction or Discrimination The reason women are equally represented or superior to men in veterinary medicine and dog training, not in engineering, racing car driving, or surgery, is that these fields have become less discriminatory on the basis of gender over time. But my point is that there are real differences between Genders In the primary concerns between men and women, it often reflects biological differences between them. And when large societal barriers collapse, we should expect women to be more represented in areas that attract more female concerns.

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Why are women more interested in raising and caring for horses than men? Instinctively, we tend to engage in hobbies, interests, or games that help us practice adaptive skills in some way. With horses, women practice the same skills that they use to train their partners and children.

Let’s start with the girls and the sexual differences at play. There are good evolutionary reasons for playing. You can’t come into this world with all the knowledge you need, and play helps little animals – and humans – practice the skills they’ll use when they become adults. The joy of play and the obsession with thinking about how to interact with the people, objects or animals involved come together to improve related thinking and skills. Children play fighting games, adult relationships and childcare. However, girls and boys have relatively different interests in playing because they have different strengths and strategies for influencing others.

Men are physically stronger than women. And they have other physical differences that may indicate they are adaptations to physical aggression. And one of the main ways men have power and influence is through direct physical strength. And theThis is one reason why boys, and even male monkeys, are more focused on rough and fickle play. This gameplay is a great way to practice combat. And when boys are interested in indirect means of speed and power, they tend to have a greater interest in using Perceive them My place is relatively better, and they are relatively more interested in missiles and trains And other mechanical games Compared to girls.

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For women, the main source of influence over others stems from the psychological aspect. Both men and women can benefit from having strong allies. For women, however, men represented one of the greatest threats to their well-being in evolutionary history. Women often cannot defend themselves directly because they tend to be slimmer and more powerful than men. What is the best defense against potentially violent men? a leg. Even now, women who feel threatened are encouraged to take action Strong male friends and huge emotional partnersBoth require psychological influence.

Horses are a powerful catalyst for dynamic strength gain through impact. They are big, strong, fast, but also conservative and tough to train. According to anecdotal accounts, both men and women may train horses differently, andWomen have to deal with horses with their brains because they intuitively know that force is unlikely to work in their favor.Taming a wild horse is called patience And attention “Gentleness,” which is literally harnessing the power of a formidable animal, not your physical strength or Your punishmentRather, it is with superior training skills and skills As nonverbal communication. Understanding the nature of rewards and punishments with horses are the same skills women use to influence their romantic partners and train their children.

Myths, legends, and folk tales often relate close relationships between humans and animals, which provide special gifts. Although these stories usually feature boys and men as well as women and girls)Consider Bellerophon and PegasusThere are many notable examples of women reaching power through animals. One of those common recent examples is Daenerys She communicates with a dragon, a powerful dragon that she considers her child. Witches have similar animals, such as cats or birds, that help them with magic. In myths and legends, it appears that women marrying animals is more common than men. Such stories are an extension of the idea that one of a woman’s main psychological strengths is to understand and harness the psychology of others, and that she has the drive and skill to create influence even on minds completely different from her own.

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Horses are not dogs or even most domestic cats. Most horses do not like hunching or are eager to communicate. But women develop loving and even romantic feelings towards horses; Because attachment to a horse is the way in which a psychological talent enables a woman to gain beauty, magic, speed and power. And theNovelist Jane Smiley beautifully describes the feeling of horseback riding When she talks about her horse, Tik Tok: “The unique thing about riding is that the horse is always there, not just physically: Character Tik Tok and his intentions and readiness are always clear. I learned why the term “solo horse riding” is a contradiction, as equestrian is never a solo act. It is a constant feeling of the other being, the mysterious living being but also the concept: which is the horse. “

– This topic is translated from a magazine Psychology Today American.

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