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Monday March 1, 2021

Who makes public opinion, and what factors influence it?

World – private to the world

In an interview with Al-Alam TV during the “Windows” program, Noman said: After the development of the media in general and public opinion polls in particular, it became possible to determine the public opinion’s view of specific issues and challenges with a degree of accuracy, especially the institutions that conduct public opinion polls that are recognized for their credibility and seriousness.

Numan explained, in general, the media remain the tools that are most effective in making public opinion, and he believed that it is the authorities and governments that provide the media with information as a result of the ability of their authority and agencies and are able to know what is happening in society as in the world today.

For his part, the Palestinian researcher and writer Mustafa Al-Ladawi said that making public opinion is an engineering and reprogramming of the mind and the brain, and it is an attempt to influence the human mind and direct his behavior towards a specific event.

Al-Lidawi said: If it were not for the ruling authorities, public opinion would have no value at all. He explained that the authorities are the ones who pay to create public opinion to make it easier for them to lead the public and control the people.

Al-Ladawi pointed out that the public opinion industry is not new, but rather old, but the developments of its mechanisms and its modern tools have become more powerful and effective, as there is public opinion that is made to let down or create enthusiasm and strength.

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In turn, Moroccan researcher and writer Idriss Hani emphasized that public opinion became a modern field of work when attention was paid to this phenomenon.

Hani said: Public opinion exists wherever there are crowds, peoples and masses, whereby a certain awareness is broadcast in it and then returns with a commodity based on the strength of the crowd, meaning that there is no public opinion but rather an opinion that hears a public opinion in advance.

Hani explained that public opinion is merely a response and a means used by a vanguard, group, or party to move the public, indicating that with the development of the media and the world of the Internet and others, interest in public opinion began, which tried to push towards the creation of a kind of public opinion.

Watch more details in the attached video.

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