Who is Ziad the journalist? This is what will be clarified in this article. The famous personalities of artists, businessmen and sports players arouse the curiosity of the public who love them and follow their activities, work and life, and the press, media and websites are busy providing their followers with the latest celebrity news.

Who is Ziad the journalist?

Ziad the journalist A Saudi footballer playing for Al-Ittihad Club, in the Defense CenterHe also plays with the Saudi national team in international matches, and this player is known for his ingenuity and wonderful performance. .[1]

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Ziyad journalist contract renewal

With the end of this year’s football season, Al-Ittihad team is seeking to renew the contract of its first defender, Ziad Al-Sahafi, as the club seeks to stick and keep this legendary player in it, as he is considered the most brilliant defender. This is compared to 6 million and 600,000 Saudi riyals, which is equivalent to 2.2 million riyals for each of the three years, making this contract one of the most expensive contracts for this season.

The most important information about this player

The journalist was very popular among the public, and he has many fans and fans, as well as those interested in his personal life, who are looking to know the smallest details about him, and from the personal information of this player we mention:

  • The name: Ziyad journalist.
  • Date of Birth: He was born on the 17th of October of the year 1994 AD.
  • place of birth: Jeddah-Saudi Arabia.
  • the age: 27 years.
  • the weight: 73 kg.
  • Length: 184 cm.
  • Nationality: Saudi Arabian.
  • Occupation: Footballer.
  • current teamSaudi Al-Ittihad Club.
  • shirt number: 4.
  • play center: defense.
  • Elected: Saudi.

The football career of Ziad Al-Sahafi

Ziyad Al-Sahafi is considered one of the most famous Saudi football players. This player started his football career in the spring of his youth, as he was in his early twenties, when he started his football career with Al-Ameed Club, in 2015, and then moved To play with the Saudi Al-Ittihad Club, through which he excelled, as he participated in many local tournaments, the most prominent of these tournaments are the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Football League and the Asian Champions League. Goals.

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Twitter Ziyad journalist

This player is one of the players who have recently joined the world of social networking. He is communicating with his fans, sharing important moments and details related to his activities and personal life, and this has had a great impact on his popularity, which is increasing day by day. the journalist”From here.

Victory dismisses the journalist

With the beginning of a new football season, the Saudi Al-Nasr club was seeking to conclude an agreement with Al-Ittihad defender Ziad Al-Sahafi, but he recently announced his withdrawal from this step, due to the frequent injuries that this player suffers, and Al-Nasr also announced his desire to include a foreign defender in his team, It is worth noting that Al Owais, the current defender of Al Nasr Club, has expired his contract, entered the six-month free period, and is planning to move to another team.

In the end, you will know Who is Ziad the journalist?The most prominent personal information related to the life of this player was mentioned, in addition to an explanation of the details related to the renewal of his contract for this season, with a link to the official account on Twitter of Ziad the journalist.

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