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Tuesday January 14, 2020

Who is the psychiatrist Abu Zaid Al-Balkhi?

Abu Zaid Al-Balkhi is a Muslim scholar who lived in the ninth century AD. He was famous for being one of the most famous scholars of his era, educated in many aspects. He excelled in many topics such as: geography, medicine, philosophy, theology, politics, poetry, ethics, sociology, literature Al-Falak and others. Al-Balkhi has written more than 60 books and manuscripts, but unfortunately most of his writings have been lost over the years and only a few of them have reached us.

Who is Abu Zaid Al-Balkhi?

Abu Zaid Al-Balkhi is a scientist who preceded him a thousand years ago, he was born in 49 AD, corresponding to 235 AH, in a village called Shemissian, which is located within Balkh province, and this is why his name is derived, and it is now part of Afghanistan, and things have arrived in his writings in the field of mental health. Al-Balkhi received his education early on at the hands of his father, and then he began studying the scientific and technical branches that were popular at this time as he got older, and Al-Balkhi was known to be a shy person who loves meditation.

Al-Balkhi mental and spiritual health

Al-Balkhi’s most famous work in the field of mental and spiritual health is the book “The Interests of Soul and Soul”, which is a manuscript in which Al-Balkhi addressed physical health first, then deepened for the soul, soul and psychological states in the second section, and this part of the book continues to receive great attention in the modern era, and among the most famous Al-Balkhi said in the book: “If the soul becomes ill, the body may find no joy in life and diseases may attack it.”

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Al-Balkhi was the first to develop the idea of ​​normalizing the disease

One of the most important main goals practiced by psychologists in the western world now is to normalize the disease, i.e. accustom the patient to coexist with his mental illness as if it is a very natural thing, as mental illness even in most developed countries is still accompanied by stigma and a feeling of shame, and is still seen for psychopaths As damned people with weak faith, and thus the process of normalizing the disease is very important for psychiatric patients, because it helps them to stop classifying themselves as patients and help them to become natural people, and Al-Balahi has been writing about the normalization of mental pain more than a thousand years ago.

The relationship between body and mind when Al-Balkhi

Al-Balkhi was of the opinion that there is a strong relationship between the mind and the body, and he said that the health of one of them is largely due to the other, as he said that when the body is sick the mind suffers from learning activities, and is unable to perform functions properly, and in return when the soul is affected, the body loses its strength He feels nervous, uncomfortable, and uncomfortable. Al-Balkhi says: “Psychological pain may lead to physical illness.”

Balkhi depression treatment

Al-Balkhi’s most distinguished method is his use of a pioneering method in cognitive therapy, as he was the owner of the idea of ​​speech therapy, and I think that speech is important in modifying people’s thoughts, and that it leads to significant improvements in behavior. Al-Balkhi described encouraging speech to treat depression that helps restore For a person’s happiness, music therapy and other activities have also been described that help improve a person’s psychological condition.

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Al-Balkhi described positive self-speech therapy when dealing with a person who feels anxious and fearful, and said that this treatment helps to calm the mind, and he said that the best thing that a person can do is to speak with his close friend, and Al-Balkhi is the first to explain the difference between the depression that results Among environmental factors or certain conditions, and between depression, which is caused by biological and chemical factors, “organic depression.” Al-Balkhi said that OCD is annoying but unrealistic ideas, which hinder a person’s enjoyment of life and performing daily activities.

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