Who is Saddam Hussein? The Iraqi president, who occupied the world since he assumed the presidency of Iraq in 1979, until his execution in 2006. The following article will address the subject of who is Saddam Hussein, the biography, passing through the most prominent historical stations in the life of the Iraqi president on the personal, political and military levels.

Who is Saddam Hussein?

Saddam Hussein al-Majid, the Fifth President of the State of Iraq, the Regional Secretary of the Arab Socialist Baath Party and the Supreme Commander of the Iraqi Army and Armed Forces, who ruled Iraq for nearly a quarter of a century, after benefiting from the coup carried out by the Arab Socialist Baath Party in Iraq, which placed him at the top of the pyramid of power. Iraqi Vice President Major General Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr and responsible for internal security in the country, which enabled him to consolidate his influence by appointing members of his clan to important positions in the Iraqi government, in addition to building a huge security apparatus that had a great impact on consolidating his power after taking over The presidency of Iraq in 1979. On the other hand, the late Iraqi President Saddam Hussein fought a number of battles and military confrontations. The third Gulf War that the United States and its allies fought against Iraq was the last military confrontation of Saddam Hussein, which ended with his arrest and then his execution after a trial described as farcical.[1]

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Who is Saddam Hussein Biography

People’s opinions and attitudes about President Saddam conflicted between supporters and opponents. At a time when some described him as a national hero, others described him as a tyrannical tyrant. The biographical data of Saddam Hussein can be summarized as follows:

  • Full name: Saddam Hussein Majid Abdul Ghafour Suleiman Abdul Qadir bin Omar II Al Rifai.
  • Nickname: Abu Uday.
  • place of birth: Al-Awja Village, Tikrit, Salah Al-Din Governorate, Iraq.
  • date of Birth: April 28, 1937 AD.
  • date of death: December 30, 2006 AD.
  • Nationality: Arabian Iraqi.
  • Mother tongue: Arabic.
  • dialect: Iraqi Arabic.
  • Religion: Muslim.
  • the wife: Sajida Khairallah Talfah, Samira Shahbandar Al-Safi.
  • boys: Uday, Qusay, Raghad, Rana, Hala from Sajida, and Alia from Samira.
  • afor mother: Sobha Talfah Al-Maslat.
  • Qualification: Law degree from the Faculty of Law at Cairo University.
  • the work: The late president of Iraq.

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Saddam Hussein’s birth

President Saddam was born in the village of Al-Awja, 8 km away from the city of Tikrit, northwest of the Iraqi capital, Baghdad. From the families of the village in agriculture, where the basic necessities of life such as clean water, electricity, and paved roads, and the death rate among children increased, and there were no schools either, so some parents who were able to send their children to study in Tikrit schools, from this poor agricultural environment, President Saddam set out It carries with it the pain and feelings of millions of Iraqis who suffered similar circumstances in that period of time.

Saddam Hussein’s education

President Saddam finished his primary studies at Tikrit School, from which he moved to Karkh Secondary School in Baghdad, where he resided there with his uncle Khairallah Talfah and was influenced by his nationalist ideas and anti-British colonial sentiments at the time. Admission was therefore rejected, and with the authorities in Baghdad pursuing members of the Iraqi Baath Party, President Saddam fled to Syria, then to Cairo to complete his university studies at the Faculty of Law at Cairo University, ending this stage by obtaining a degree in law.

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Saddam Hussein’s social life

The year 1962 witnessed the announcement of Saddam Hussein’s marriage to his cousin Sajida Khairallah Talfah, from whom he had children Uday, Qusay, Raghad, Rana and Hala. The third daughter was married to the Iraqi Minister of Defense at the time, “Sultan Hashim Ahmed.” Saddam also married a second time to the Iraqi woman, Samira Shahbandar Al-Safi, who gave birth to him, Alia. Howish.

Saddam Hussein the President

Saddam Hussein took power in Iraq on June 16, 1979, after Major General Ahmed Hassan al-Bakr resigned under the pretext of his old age and declining health. -1988)[2] After he had agreed with it to demarcate the borders in the Shatt al-Arab earlier, then occupied Kuwait in 1990 AD, to get out of it with Operation Desert Storm in 1991 AD, and these wars brought a lot of destruction and scourge on the Iraqi people and the peoples of the region and caused losses estimated at millions of dollars at the time With the entry of US forces into Iraq on the pretext of possessing weapons of mass destruction, Iraqi President Saddam was arrested in 2003 AD, then he was executed on December 30, 2006 AD.

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This concludes the article on the topic Who is Saddam Hussein? The biography, passing through the most prominent stations in the life of the late Iraqi president, who was executed at the age of 70 years.

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