Who is Nour Taher, the heroine of the Al Rawabi series, and her story with epilepsy? Noor Taher managed to The young Jordanian girl has to distinguish herself as one of the brightest artistic faces, as she was distinguished by her wonderful and distinguished performance. Prepare pure light An actress from the modern youth generation, she was born in Jordan and grew up in Amman and completed her studies there. After that, she continued in the artistic field, where she participated in many cinematic works as well as theatrical works, but her biggest role that contributed to the expansion of her artistic fame was the series Al Rawabi Girls School, where the event was The most prominent and transformative point in the life of Nour Taher.

The series gained a high viewership through its realistic events, in addition to its suspense and excitement. This series was a remarkable success and contributed to increasing the artistic balance of the brilliant star Nour Taher.

associated with a name pure light With success and achieved fame after her role in the Al Rawabi series, who is Nour Taher, we will get to know her by providing a complete overview of her life, what is Nour Taher’s illness and her struggle with him, her success story in her artistic career, her official accounts on social media. All this and more, dear readers, we will review it together through the website useful Which saves its visitors the trouble of searching and searching to provide in one article all the rich information the reader needs. Follow us to learn more.

Nour Taher Wikipedia And her biography

Her full name is Nour Taher. She was born on November 2, 1999, a single girl, holding Jordanian citizenship. She grew up in Amman with her parents and still lives to this day in Amman. Nour Taher is of Jordanian ethnicity and embraces the Islamic religion. Noor Taher is proud of her affiliation as a citizen of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, and she also bears the distinctive Jordanian dialect. She holds an educational qualification and continued her university studies at the universities of Jordan. On the other hand, Nour Taher began her work in the advertising field as a model for commercial clothes in 2009, to complete her work as an actress, where she appeared remarkably in the Al Rawabi series, which contributed to her launch as one of the most prominent stars of art.

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How old is Nour Taher?

The young Jordanian girl, Noor Taher, is twenty-three years old. She lives in Amman, Jordan, with her parents. Noor did not enter the golden cage, but she is single. Her first experience in the artistic field began on the school stage, where she participated in presenting beautiful performances. After that, she continued her work as a clothing model. Then she emerged as an actress through her role in the Al Rawabi series, which contributed to introducing her to the public and making her name appear in the art world.

Who is Nour Taher, the heroine of the Al Rawabi series, and her story with epilepsy?

What is the disease of Nour Taher, the heroine of Al Rawabi?

In fact, after observing actress Nour Taher’s health condition for six days in a hospital in Jordan, it was found that she suffers from epilepsy.

In fact, this matter was not discovered by the media, but was stated by actress Nour Taher herself through her account on Instagram. She addressed her fans and followers with a message saying, “When she woke up, she found herself lying on the ground, out of control and unable to get up. At the same time, there was a constant headache in her head that prevented her from heading to the spotlight, and she was feeling a heart attack and convulsions throughout her body.

It should be noted that during her performance last March, she was hit by epileptic waves consecutively and lost control of herself, which aroused fear and terror for everyone who was present at the time, only to discover after that her struggle with epilepsy.

Despite this, epilepsy did not affect his stardom pure light On the contrary, the audience sympathized with the young actress who loved her Through her unique and distinctive role in the Al Rawabi series.

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Nour Taher’s success story in the artistic career

pure light or Lien Her name in the Al-Rawabi series, which increased her artistic repertoire with a remarkable audience, and gave her the title of Best Jordanian Actress for the year 2021. pure light Wide reputation.

In fact, Nour Taher’s success story in the artistic career began with her role in the Al Rawabi series. In addition, the artist Nour Taher presented many television and film works, most notably the following:

  • stoning the chandelier in 2008
  • The Storning of Syria in 2009
  • kafir In 2019, she presented a unique work
  • School Al Rawabi In 2021, which was the turning point in Nour Taher’s artistic life. The series gained a huge audience. In addition, the Al Rawabi series included, alongside Nour Taher, a group of the finest young Jordanian artists, for example, we mention Rakeen Saad, Andrea Tayeh, Salsabil, Yara Mustafa, Joanna Arida, Nadera Omran, Diana Rahma and Nour Saadeh.

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Nour Taher’s official accounts

pure light The young Jordanian actress who grabs the spotlight, charms minds and enters hearts without asking permission.

The Jordanian artist owns Light immaculate Many of the official accounts on social networking sites, where thousands of fans follow her through her pages on Instagram, Twitter and Tik Tok.

Moreover, she rejoices the hearts of her fans by publishing private pictures of her on her official websites.

pure light She has a strong personality, adorable and attractive.

You can follow the star Nour Taher directly through her official accounts through these links:


In conclusion, dear readers, pure light We have presented a comprehensive article in which we dealt with everything related to the artist pure light And her artistic career in this article Who is Nour Taher, the heroine of the Al Rawabi series, and her story with epilepsy? This article summarizes the artist’s biography comprehensively since her first launch to the Al Rawabi series.

I address everyone who does not know the actress pure light To watch Al Rawabi series and I am sure after that I will be waiting impatiently for her to present a new work!