Who is Dana Al-Eithan, the winner of the first place in the International ISEF 2022 And the winner in chemistry? A lot of news spread through social media platforms about the victory of the young woman, Dana Al-Eithan, in the ISEF International Exhibition 2022, after the Director of Education in Al-Ahsa conveyed the congratulations of Saud bin Nayef bin Abdulaziz, Governor of the Eastern Province in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, his congratulations to Dana Al-Eithan for winning this international competition. Today, through a useful website, we will learn about the personality of this pioneer in the field of chemistry, with a touch on the history of this competition.

Who is Dana Al-Eithan, the winner of the first place in the International ISEF 2022

Before addressing the history of the ISEF international competition, come with us to learn about the history of Dana Al-Eithan, the honorable one for every Saudi and Arab. She is an Arab who won an international competition, and we can mention from her biography the following:

  • The full name is Dana Muhammad bin Abdullah Al-Eithan.
  • Dana and her extended family live in Al-Ahsa Governorate in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It is one of the eastern governorates, 328 km away from the capital, Riyadh.
  • Born in Saudi Arabia, with a Saudi father and an American mother.
  • Her date of birth is 3-17 of the year 2001, she won this international competition at the age of 21 years.
  • It has achieved many successes in its history since its inception, the last of which was winning the first place in the world in the gold medal of the ISEF International Science and Engineering Fair.
  • Noun The project What Dana Al-Eithan won was (selective hydrogen production from formic acid using an efficient ruthenium catalyst for power generation).
  • Project area: Chemistry.
Who is Dana Al-Eithan, the winner of the first place in the International ISEF 2022

ISEF International Fair – Wikipedia

  • ISEF 2022, is the Intel ISEF-International Science and Engineering Fair, according to Wikipedia.
  • It is an international competition, launched every year, that is concerned with scientific research in various fields, including chemistry, physics, space sciences, and other life sciences important to the development of nations.
  • The competition includes 17 fields, including computers, social sciences, engineering, and many others.
  • The first beginning of the international exhibition was in the year 1950 and it was local, but it became international and includes more than 60 countries of the world starting from the date of 1958, after the competition became international, where it is displayed ISEF projects And the competition begins with a lot of participants.
  • The competition includes more than 1,700 contestants in various countries of the world. Dana Al-Eithan participated in the name of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, who won in the field of chemistry and won first place in the world, which is a great achievement for the Kingdom in particular, and for the Arab nation in general.
  • The organizer of this international competition is the ISEF Science Service Society Foundation (SSP).
  • The ISEF International Fair is sponsored by the American company Intel, which is active in the development of computer chips and processors.
Who is Dana Al-Eithan, the winner of the first place in the International ISEF 2022

Al-Eithan and what will come back.. the origin of the Al-Eithan family

In a related context about who is Dana Al-Eithan, the winner of the first place in ISEF International 2022, there has been a lot of research on the history of this Arab family, which has an honorable history. The Al-Eithan family is one of the Saudi families that resided in Bahrain, and then moved to live in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The family had a lot of credit for the stability of the country from the beginning of its establishment, and the family inhabited the Al-Ahsa region, which is one of the famous cities in which many other families live.

Among the most prominent important figures that appeared in this extended family, is Ali bin Muhammad al-Aithan, who, according to Wikipedia, was born in 1900. He is the religious jurists as he follows the Jaafari jurisprudence. He was born in Al-Ahsa and settled in Iraq for a long time.

This family had a great role in activating and developing the scientific movement in Al-Ahsa and many other Saudi cities. The family has a long history in this field, so it is not surprising that we find Dana Al-Eithan among these to announce winning the first place in the world in the field of chemistry.

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