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Tuesday October 27, 2020

Who is behind the martyrdom of Minister Hassan Zeid and the severe injury of his daughter?

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His name is Hassan Muhammad Zaid, and his mother is Houria bint Al-Qadi Ahmed Abdullah Mutahhar, and he was born 1-1-1956 AD in the old city of Sana’a, and he was martyred in the characteristic of the Yemeni Minister of Youth and Sports .. He was placed on the Saudi assassinations list in the numerical sequence No. (14).

Social media circulated a list of names that Saudi Arabia placed 6 years ago on its list of assassinating Yemeni leaders and politicians. The name of the Yemeni Minister of Sports and Youth, Hassan Muhammad Zaid, who was martyred today, appeared on the list and ranked number 14.

It is clear that after the disastrous failure of the Saudi aggression to subjugate the Yemenis and break their will, the policy of aggression has shifted from destruction, revenge, and killing innocent people with hate bombs to assassination.

The martyr learned in the book until 1966 AD, then moved to Ibn al-Amir School, from which he moved to Saif bin Dhi Yazan School and from there to Abdel Nasser High School, so he joined the University of Sana’a, College of Education in 1974 CE, Department of Philosophy and Sociology, and graduated from it in 1977 AD to work in education after that.

He assigned an assistant to the administration of Omar Al-Mukhtar Secondary School, as the director of Saba Preparatory School after being prevented from teaching for a period, and he obtained a one-year course in school administration and child psychology from the United Kingdom of Britain (1979-1980 AD), University of London Institute of Education.

Among his activities, he worked as a guide to philosophy and educational materials (philosophy, logic, psychology, economics, sociology, society, philosophy of education, and educational psychology) from 1981 until 1987 AD, then in 1985-1986 AD he joined Sanaa University to obtain a special diploma in curricula and teaching methods.

In 1990, he was appointed in charge of student affairs in Eastern Europe, from which he returned prior to unity to participate in founding the Al-Haq Party, then worked as Director General of the Office of the Minister of Finance for a period between 80-81, then Director General of Organization and Needs in the National Committee for UNESCO.

The martyr obtained a diploma in educational management and child psychology from the University of London, and a special diploma in curricula and teaching methods from the University of Sana’a, College of Education, equivalent to a master’s degree, then he participated in the founding of the National Conference after the unity, then the National Bloc of the opposition parties and was the decision of the bloc.

He participated in establishing the JMP in 2003, and presided over the joint meeting for two sessions in the year 90-2012-2013 AD, then he was appointed as a cultural advisor for Yemen in Berlin, East Germany and the countries of Eastern Europe (Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Poland and Bulgaria) for a period of 3 years. He was appointed Minister of State in the government of Khaled Bahah on November 7, 2014 and remained in his position until the resignation of the government in January 2015, then he was appointed Minister of Youth and Sports in the National Salvation Government.

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The tweeter (Dr. Amin Al-Shami) said:

Whereas # Sanaa wears the most beautiful kusheba suit, in the reception of the birth of the Prophet, the hands of treachery, betrayal and criminality were smearing the face of tranquility and safety, with the most heinous crime this morning, with the assassination of the Minister of Youth and Sports # Hassan Zaid and the injury of his daughter, who is still in the care … God have mercy on the political minister Thinker. And the eyes of the cowards did not sleep.

The Yemeni Ministry of Interior said that a criminal group affiliated with the aggression assassinated the Minister of Youth and Sports in the country, Hassan Zaid, and according to the Ministry’s statement, armed men intercepted the Minister of Youth’s car in the center of the capital, who was traveling without any personal escort, which led to his injury and severe wounds. He was killed in the German Yemeni Hospital, in addition to his daughter, who was driving the car.

Immediately after the occurrence of the crime, the authorities imposed a tight security cordon around the location of the operation and opened an extensive investigation to find out the details of the incident, and pledged to present the perpetrators to the judiciary, while the statement considered that the crime came within the framework of the aggression plan, targeting national figures and cadres, especially after the failure of the aggression and its mercenaries, In subjecting the Yemenis to foreign will and agendas.

In the context, the head of the country’s Supreme Political Council, Mahdi Al-Mashat, offered his condolences to the families of the martyr, directed the arrest of the perpetrators, and praised his patriotic stances and courage, and his bias towards the homeland at various junctures and stages.

(Counselor Abdullah Al Kawkabani) tweeted:

The values, morals and norms of the perpetrators of the assassination of # Hassan Zaid were lost, his daughter did not intercede for him and her presence beside him, his humility and his movement without escorts did not intercede for him.

Meanwhile, Al-Alam News Channel correspondent from the Yemeni capital, Sana’a, stated that preliminary investigations indicate that the Saudi aggression forces are behind the assassination of the Yemeni Minister of Sports, and our correspondent confirmed: “What some forces and sources say is that the forces of the Saudi-Emirati aggression are the ones behind this. The assassination, and that Hassan Zeid was a well-known political figure, as he was a party to a number of political consultations, and that his assassination at this time is considered an obstruction to peace efforts after a revival in the political file and the prisoner exchange.

Our correspondent indicated that the Saudi coalition had previously put Hassan Zaid on the wanted list by offering a reward of $ 10 million to anyone who provided information to arrest him.

The Joint Meeting Parties of the Yemeni people and the Arab and Islamic nation have mourned the martyrdom of their periodic president – Secretary General of the Al-Haq Party, Hassan Muhammad Zaid, Minister of Youth and Sports in the National Salvation Government, this morning, Tuesday, October 27, 2020 AD in a cowardly political assassination that he was subjected to on his way to his workplace in the capital, Sana’a.

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In the statement of the joint meeting parties in this regard:

The Joint Meeting Parties mourn the martyrdom of its rotating president – Secretary General of the Al-Haq Party, Hassan Muhammad Zaid, Minister of Youth and Sports in the National Salvation Government, this morning, Tuesday, October 27, 2020 AD, in a cowardly political assassination that he was subjected to on his way to his workplace in the capital, Sanaa.

As we condemn this sinful operation, at the same time we call on the security authorities to take urgent action to uncover and seize those involved and bring them to justice and strike with an iron fist at the hands of everyone who is tempted by himself to prejudice security, stability and public tranquility.

The joint parties consider the assassination of Professor Hassan Zaid, a bold fighter, a politician, a feat and a well-known national importance, ahead of the central event on the occasion of the Prophet’s birthday, a deliberate plot by the Saudi-American aggression and its mercenaries who are receiving painful defeats on various fronts.

Yemen has lost with the departure of Professor Hassan Muhammad Zaid a political pole, it is difficult to compensate him for his courageous stances declared in various political stations, as he was a veteran politician, he practiced political work from an early age, and declared his positions without fear of the regimes, he dreamed of martyrdom and joined the martyr Dr. Ahmed Sharaf Al-Din and Dr. Muhammad Abd al-Malik al-Mutawakkil had what he wished, and we belong to God and to Him we shall return .. and the eyes of cowards do not sleep.

Page Twitter (Walid Yahya Al-Dhali) Badil said:

Our minister ascends a martyr, so a thousand peace be upon him, the greatest of this Quranic march, whose leader was martyred, its president a martyr, its professor is a martyr, and its ministers are martyrs # Minister_ Martyr # Hassan_Zayd

The Political Bureau of Ansar Allah also mourned the Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Hassan Zaid, who was martyred at the hands of criminal elements affiliated with the forces of the Saudi-American aggression, and the office said in a statement: “At a time when our Yemeni people are mobilizing their forces to commemorate the birth of the Prophet, the countries of aggression and crime have refused. Other than continuing to implement its criminal plans, as it committed a heinous assassination this morning in the capital, Sanaa, against the militant professor Hassan Zaid, Minister of Youth and Sports, while he was driving his car, accompanied by his daughter, who was severely injured.

The office indicated that the countries of aggression had declared Mr. Hassan Zaid among the wanted list, according to their claim, and had set a reward for those who gave them information and helped them in the implementation of their treacherous crime. The office called on the concerned authorities to pursue the direct perpetrators of the crime, uncover them and bring them to justice in order to obtain their deterrent penalty, and also stressed that the destabilization of security and stability in the capital, Sana’a, which the forces of aggression aspire to and seek will not be achieved, calling on the sons of the great revolutionary Yemeni people to be on full alert to confront the aggression scheme The evildoer.

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“Let the popular response be to such a painful crime, with the great and honorable attendance to commemorate the birth of the Prophet.”

In a message to the Aggression Coalition, the Political Bureau of Ansar Allah said: Your aggression, siege, and crimes will not undermine our people’s absolute confidence and firm belief in the liberation project until the great victory, God willing.

It came in a tweet for (Lamis Al-Ariqi) Badil account:

The criminals will not flee from the hands of the security men and we have trusted the watchful eyes, the great blood of the martyr, the minister # Hassan_Zaid will not go in vain, and the criminals must take their punishment no matter what they have support from the countries of aggression


As for the account of the tweeter (sam), he tweeted:

These are the movements of the former regime in the assassinations of leaders and activists … and the same generally accepted policy in the Arabian Peninsula … Part of your Arabism is treachery and treachery … Do not forget, for you were the first to turn against the homeland and became like the sharia welcoming an occupier..We are the ones who will write your shameful history. The fluctuation of your positions and your lack of patriotism # Hassan_Zayd # Yemen

For his part, the Twitter account (Abu Khaled Al-Yamani) said:

Assassinations are acts of cowardice, not the actions of men. This crime against humanity and dignity is recorded in the list of shame for the Dirt Party and those who allied with them, and it will remain a stain on everyone who denounced the assassination of the Minister of Youth and Sports # Hassan_Zayd Al-Rahma martyr Hassan Zaid and the recovery of his daughter # Salma_Hassan_Zayd, who received a number of treachery bullets

In the context, (Yahya Al-Shami) tweeted:

The martyr, Minister Hassan Zaid, may God have mercy on him, who is absent on the next birthday, in the last appearance: The enemy’s reactions are very angry about our revival on the birthday ..

We conclude the tag of the martyr, the minister # Hassan_Zayed, with the tweet of (Mohamed Askar Mohamed Askar), who tweeted:

The assassination of the leader in the government of the coup leaders # Hassan_Zayd and his daughter in # Sana’a, is a condemnation and the methodology of political assassinations in Yemen must be rejected and condemned, and any extrajudicial killing must be condemned, and any accused must be presented to his natural judge, whatever his crime, this is the approach of the state with which we face the behavior Assassinations in the militias’ approach !!

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