Social worker

A person who is qualified to work in any of the social and educational fields, with its different developmental, preventive and curative objectives, within the concepts included in social service despite its philosophical differences, with its steadfastness on the principles and ethical standards on which it is based, in addition to his commitment to the scope of work drawn by the institution or association affiliated to him It has in its field of work, without violating any of the agreed work texts, or infringing or interfering in other fields complementary to the work of the institution.

Qualifications of a social worker

Everyone who holds the title of social worker is required to have at least a bachelor’s degree and even a doctorate degree in social work from an authorized university, with a license from the private unions of social workers to practice the profession within its various fields. Strict conditions for the degree of learning and work experience, in order for the holder of this qualification to obtain an official permit to practice the profession.

Social worker’s message

The message of the social worker is based on the advancement of society, limiting the social problems that it suffers from, preventing it from developing and progressing, achieving justice for all marginalized groups living within this society, helping them obtain their various rights, and providing them with all the special social services they need in the field of care. Medical, social, psychological, and other fields, in addition to the various development and development on which the role of the social worker is based, commensurate with achieving the largest possible number of positive results.

The role of the social worker

  • The preventive role, this role is based on the social worker taking all necessary preventive measures, to limit the spread of the social dilemma within his field.
  • The developmental role, the work of the social worker here is to develop the individual capabilities and skills of the groups he works with, which help open up several areas for them to work, develop and succeed.
  • The therapeutic role, whereby the social worker works to rid the case he works with of the social or psychological problems he suffers from, or to help learn to accept them and how to deal with them as is the solution in cases of physical disability, which constitute the main barrier to preventing the achievement of the developmental role.

Who is the social worker?

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