Samuel Colt

Samuel Colt was born on July 19, 1814, in Hartford, Connecticut. Prior to designing the pistol, Samuel worked in submarine technology and industry. The Samuel factory was supplying weapons during the civil war, and it also had a role in spreading the concept and manufacture of spare parts and the exchange of parts between different industries. One of the most prominent industries for which Samuel is famous is the manufacture of the .45 caliber pistol called the Peacemaker, which was officially introduced in 1873 AD. Samuel Colt is one of eight children of married couple Christopher Colt and Sarah Caldwell Colt. Samuel has always been interested in mechanics, often taking apart things to learn their components and how they work. Samuel enrolled in Amherst Academy in Massachusetts, but was short-lived, as he was expelled. Samuel Colt died on January 10, 1862, in Hartford.[1]

samuel colt pistol

Samuel’s invention was called the pistol that won the West, due to its strength and reliability. It was the most common and widespread complete revolver in the late eighteenth century. This pistol was produced by Colt Fire Arms, which was sold at a price of $ 17 at the time. This type of bullet was developed in 1872, based on patents granted to Charles B. Richards and W. Mason. In 1873, the US Army adopted this weapon with its own gunpowder, and distributed it to the fighting forces of the army in two different models.[2]

The world’s first firearm

The first firearm known to mankind was a cannon, according to the National Rifle Association’s National Firearms Museum. Cannons were then carried by hand by soldiers in Europe in the mid-14th century AD. These firearms were brought to America by explorers for their experiment, hunting and to demonstrate the technical superiority of the American forces at the time. According to Karin Goldstein in Massachusetts, the Spaniards were the first to bring firearms to America.[3]

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Who is the inventor of the gun

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