Newton discoverer of gravity

Newton is considered a mathematician and physicist who was the first to talk about the force of gravity explicitly and scientifically, in the seventeenth century, as his famous story related to the fall of the apple from the tree perpendicular to the ground was the moment of his realization of the fact that gravity exists, and Newton was able to apply the law of gravity that reached To him on the theories of many scientists, including: the world Galileo, and it is indicated that through Newton’s discovery of gravity, he reached three important laws of motion.

Newton’s birth

Newton was born on the twenty-fifth of December 1642 AD, his father died three months before his birth, and before he completed his third year, his mother married, and left him with her mother to raise him, and when he was twelve years old he joined the Kings School to learn, and continued until his seventeenth year During his studies, he learned the basics of mathematics, Greek and Latin.

After Newton’s mother’s husband died, his mother tried to force him to engage in the field of agriculture to work in it, but he did not accept that, but the director of his school was able to convince his mother to allow him to return to school to complete his education, and thus he returned to study, and he obtained a master’s degree from the College of Trinity in Cambridge, and he became one of its teachers later in his life, and there were many fields that Newton studied, including: light, arithmetic, astronomy, philosophy, gravitation, and movement of bodies.

Newton’s achievements

Newton’s achievements were numerous in various fields, we mention some of them in each field:

His achievements in the field of mathematics

  • Third degree polynomial theorem.
  • binomial theorem.
  • Integral and Calculus Theory.
  • Round the partial values ​​of the coordinate series in logarithms.

His achievements in the field of optics

  • He studied the phenomenon of refraction of light.
  • Show that a scattered prism decomposes white light into the colors of the visible spectrum.
  • Show that color occurs due to the interaction of colored light with objects.
  • He concluded that the problem with telescope lenses was the scattering of colors of light, so he invented a telescope that acts as an objective lens using a mirror.
  • He published his book Optics in 1704 AD, in which he explained his theory of light.

His achievements in the field of mechanical work

  • He published the book Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, which included research papers related to the atom.
  • He presented the theory of defining the orbits of comets, and expanded his proofs, showing that it is not necessary for the orbits of comets to take an oval shape.
  • The development of laws of motion, which made great developments in the Industrial Revolution.

Newton’s death

The death of this scientist was on March 20, 1727 AD, when he died in the city of London, and was buried in Westminster Abbey cemetery.

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