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One of the most striking things in the human face are the teeth, which are one of the most attractive to the other, and reflect your image in his mind, so they must be preserved aesthetic and attractive, but the teeth may be exposed to some problems, such as: the appearance of annoying white spots on them, which constitutes Embarrassment for the sufferer, as there is a difference in the color of one tooth, and it is evidence of the loss of some important minerals to maintain its health and be a sign of the beginning of dental calcification, so we will mention in this article some of the reasons that lead to the emergence of these spots or the so-called dental fluorosis, and some tips To maintain beautiful and attractive teeth.[1]

Causes of white spots on teeth

Among the reasons for the appearance of white spots on the teeth:[2]

  • Failure to take care of the teeth and keep them clean, as food residues accumulate on them and cause calcifications to appear on them.
  • Drink large amounts of mineral water, which contains a high percentage of fluoride, as its excess leads to the occurrence of white cavities on the teeth.
  • Eating some foods that are harmful to the teeth and cause calcification, such as: lemons and foods that contain a lot of acids, and drink carbonated water.
  • Dry mouth, as it contributes to the growth of bacteria on the teeth, causing annoying white spots.
  • Infection of humans with some diseases that negatively affect them, such as: cancer and diabetes.

Tips to maintain dental health

To maintain dental health, you can do the following:[3]

  • Maintaining clean teeth and cleaning them continuously at least three times a day, and using toothpaste that we like and contains fluoride in an appropriate proportion, and it is preferable not to use toothpaste for children until the age of two years, but rather to train them to brush their teeth using a brush wet with water.
  • Avoid eating foods that contain high levels of acids in abundance, and be sure to clean your teeth immediately after eating them.
  • Stay away from soft drinks, which damage the teeth in general, and cause decay and weakness.
  • Eating a healthy, balanced diet that contains nutrients and vitamins that contribute to maintaining dental health, such as: Calcium.
  • Drink water in appropriate quantities, and stay away from mineral water, which contains high levels of fluoride.
  • Be sure to change your toothbrush from time to time, and not use others’ brushes, to avoid dental disease and bacterial infection.
  • Not to use teeth whitening mixtures to a large extent, because they may negatively affect the health of the teeth, and not to clean them with modern methods such as laser, except after consulting a doctor.
  • Use apple cider vinegar solution to gargle, to maintain the whiteness and health of teeth.

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White spots in the teeth

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