the White light

The beholder around him can notice the presence of a large number of colors that help distinguish living organisms and other inanimate objects from each other. A substance or every living thing with the color of the ray from which it is reflected.[1]

definition of white light

White light is known as a group of colors that come together to form the spectrum of the sun (rainbow), and the physicist Newton or who referred to the formation of white light from seven main colors, which are the colors that appear to the eye when a rainbow is formed, after the famous experiment that he performed It is applied to the white light so that the white light is allowed to pass through a prism, causing the group of colors that make up the white color to separate from each other, by reflecting each of them through the prism at an angle slightly far from the other. As for the colors that we see with our eyes, they are As a result of the eyes’ sense of the radiation reflected from objects, and from this point of view, the hypothesis that claims that colors are a property of objects, and linking colors directly to white light, has been rejected.[2][3]

White light analysis in prism

A prism reflects white light in the same way that white light is reflected from water atoms in the air to form a rainbow, and physicists explain why this happens because all waves of the visible spectrum travel in a vacuum at the same speed, but when these waves travel from a vacuum to a transparent medium, this causes Certain differences in the speed of each of them according to their wavelength, and the refractive index of the transparent medium plays an important role in determining the degree of refraction of light waves, which in turn varies from one transparent medium to another.[4] Newton’s experiment, based on analyzing light through a triple prism, helped in obtaining the main colors that make up white light, which are the seven colors of the spectrum, or as they are known as the basic colors, so that it is impossible to break them down into simpler colors.[4]The light spectrum also differs according to the method of light dissolution from different objects, and accordingly it can be observed the emergence of new colors from the light spectrum reflected from a crystal, which are completely different from those that appear from the light spectrum reflected from a gem, and the reason for this is due to the formation of the seven basic colors of light White is an endless number of different shades that blend together to create a new palette of colours.[2][5]

the reviewer

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the White light

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