the violin

It is a stringed instrument consisting of four strings. The violin is one of the most famous instruments used in classical music; It is distinguished by having the kindest sound among all musical instruments. It is considered one of the noblest and oldest stringed instruments with a bow, and the most expressive in the string group. Where it competed with its features those stringed instruments, and it became the dominant one for more than two hundred years; Where only the piano competed in the classical musical group, despite this the piano did not have the ability to cancel or even weaken the role of the violin, as both the piano and the violin have their own privacy.

It is believed that noble machines originated in the equestrian culture; Like the bouzouq, which originated in Uzbekistan in the modern era, where it is believed that the Mongolian-Turkish knights are among the oldest violinists in the world, the shape of the violin was straight and contained two strings made of horsehair. In the past, the violin was often distinguished by carving the head of the horse at the end of the neck. As for the violins of today, in addition to the celloes that are played today, their strings are made of horse hair, and this is a legacy that was taken from the Bedouins.

Stringed instruments spread in China, India, the Byzantine Empire and the Middle East; Where it developed in every country to appear (erhu) in China and (rababa) in the Middle East, while the harp appeared in the Byzantine Empire, and the instrument (saddle) appeared in India, while the violin in its current form appeared in the sixteenth century in northern Italy.

History and development of the violin

The European violin evolved to be distinguished from all the nobility stringed instruments that split from it in the Byzantine Empire and the Middle East; It is likely that the person who made the violin for the first time made a quotation based on three instruments: the rebab, the Byzantine harp, and the arm harp.

The oldest violin known with four strings, such as the modern violin, and this violin was established by (Andrea Amati) in 1555 AD; And Andrea’s violin was the oldest documented violin. As for what was documented before it, it contained three strings and called it (Violetta). The city of Venice played a major role in the birth of the violin; Where it was called at the time (Kitara) in relation to the Byzantine harp.

Venice had seven makers of noble instruments, including the Alberto violin. After that, the violin quickly spread to become popular with nobles and percussionists, as it was said that the French King (Charles IX) issued an order to make 24 violins in 1560 AD.

The best violin in the world is Casparo da Salo, which was made in 1574 AD. Archduke Ferdinand II of Austria owned this violin. It moved to become the property of the Norwegian artist Ole Paul, who played it for forty years, and it is now in the Museum of Decorative Art in Bergen is to the west of Norway.

Where was the first violin made?

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