Ibrahim, peace be upon him

Abraham, peace be upon him, the father of the prophets and the friend of God, is one of the resolute apostles who struggled in their lives and suffered a lot in order to call to God Almighty. Abraham, peace be upon him, was born according to the distorted heavenly books of his father Terah and his mother Ameila or Nona in other narrations, so he was born, peace be upon him, to his father He is seventy-five years old, and he also had two brothers, Nahor and Haran, and the latter was Abu Lot, peace be upon him, as he was the nephew of our master Abraham, peace be upon him. Another weak one says that he was born, peace be upon him, in Ghouta of Damascus in Mount Qasioun, or it is more likely that he was born, peace be upon him, in Harran.

Abraham’s life, peace be upon him

Abraham, peace be upon him, married Sarah, and it is also likely that Terah left Abraham, his wife Sarah, and his nephew Lot from Babylon, the land of the Chaldeans, to the land of the Canaanites, and they resided in Harran on their way, and he was not born there. The place where its people worshiped the seven planets, so each of the gates of Damascus represented one of the seven planets, and the people of Harran prepared offerings to it and held festivals, so they worshiped the idols and idols that were mentioned in the story of Abraham, peace be upon him, in most cases, and the only believers there was Abraham, peace be upon him. His wife was Sarah and his nephew Lot, and Abraham, peace be upon him, was given maturity when he was young, so God Almighty sent him as a Messenger and Guide to the truth in His name, the Most Gracious, and he was the friend of the Most Merciful in old age as well.

The death of our master Ibrahim

As for the death of our master Ibrahim, it is mentioned in the trace that he lived his life and traveled from Babylon of his birth to Harran and the Levant and then Elijah, and his wife Sarah died in Hebron, the land of Canaan, and she was one hundred and twenty-seven years old, as mentioned in the trail. He said that he died suddenly, just as Solomon and David, peace be upon them, died, and some of them said that he fell ill and then died in Ramada, peace be upon him. He was buried next to his wife Sarah in a cave that he bought from Efron bin Sakhr in the village of Hebron. .

Where was Abraham born and where was he buried?

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