Uganda is known as one of the cities on the African continent, which is called the Pearl of Africa, despite the absence of any coast in it, but because of the presence of fresh water in it in a large proportion, the lands are one of the richest African lands and the most beautiful, freshness and charm.


The state of Uganda is located in the African continent, specifically on the eastern side of it on a plateau, where we find from its eastern side Kenya, and from its northern side we find the State of Sudan, and from its western side we find the Democratic Republic of the Congo, and from its southwest we find the state of Rwanda, so that the state of Tanzania remains bordered From the southern side, we also find Lake Victoria from the southern side, which are bordered by Tanzania and Kenya, in addition to Uganda.

The entire territory of the state of Uganda is located within the Nile Basin, and we find it rich in slopes that extend to the northern region where the plains of the Sudan countries, where the highest altitude above sea level is one thousand and one hundred meters, and in the central region of Uganda swamps spread over large areas, As for the southern region, it is drier.

The area of ​​Uganda is two hundred and forty-three thousand and four thousand square kilometers, and we find that fresh water in it covers an area of ​​fifteen percent of its land, and therefore its lands are considered the most beautiful in the middle of this brown continent, because there are large areas of greenery in it, where it is covered by many forests that It comes on more than three-fourths of its land, in addition to the widely spread savannah grasses and grasses.

On the eastern side of it rises Mount El-Joon on the Kenyan border, where it reaches a height of four thousand three hundred and eleven meters. Towards Ibrahim Lake in the middle, and where the slope is most steep, we find it at the gully edge, and also comes on a section of the lakes plateau in the northern parts of the country, and we find this state cutting off a number of tributaries of the Nile River in its territory.

the climate

Since Uganda is located on the African continent and is within the tropical climatic zone, it must have a hot climate, but the presence of abundant swamps in it, works to soften the atmosphere in it, and also its height above sea level contributes significantly to easing the climate, especially what It blows over its western part from tropical air currents, which come from the Congo River Basin, so that the climate of this country is pleasant and warm, as the temperature ranges between seventeen to twenty-four degrees Celsius during the month of January to be the hottest month, or in the month of June Which is known as the coldest month, as the temperature ranges from sixteen degrees to twenty-one degrees Celsius, and snow falls at altitudes exceeding two thousand meters, and two flying seasons are distinguished in it.

Where is Uganda located on which continent

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