Turaif is one of the governorates of the northern region that was established to delineate, preserve and show the beginning of the borders of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia from the northern side, where nomadic Bedouins were settled there, although there is no water in it. In the early sixties of the twentieth century, then a hospital and an airport were established there at that time.

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Turaif Governorate is located in the northern part of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and is close to the borders of the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan, where Turaif is distinguished by its location, which is located on the international road linking the Arab Gulf states and the Levant, and is located near the Northern Cement Factory, approximately (50 km) to the east Turaif Governorate, in addition to the Al-Joufa Cement Factory, which is located about (20 km) southeast of Turaif, and the Phosphate Mineral Company in Hazm Al-Jalamid, approximately (115 km) east of Turaif.

The population of Turaif Governorate is approximately forty-nine thousand people. With regard to the climate of Turaif Governorate, it is desert moderate in the summer and very cold in the winter. Turaif has a height of more than (850) meters above sea level. .

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The topography of the Turaif region has many dry valleys, and these valleys are: Wadi Al-Mara, Wadi Al-Khor, in addition to Wadi Turaif, and it is located in the south of it about (30) kilometers, a free area called “the rocky mountain hurrah”. There are some natural resources in Turaif, such as the presence of Natural gas, which was recently discovered, in addition to the phosphate mineral, which is located in the Umm al-Awal area, northeast of Turaif, at a distance of (15) km, as well as phosphates in the Hazm al-Jalamid area at a distance of 125 km to the east, and there is a railway to the east at a distance of (130) A kilometer to transport phosphates to the mining area of ​​Ras al-Khair in the Eastern Province. Turaif Governorate includes many neighborhoods, which are: Aziziyah neighborhood, Khalidiya neighborhood, Al Rawabi neighborhood, Al Musadia neighborhood, Al Faisaliyah neighborhood, Salhiya neighborhood, Sultana neighborhood, Al Warood neighborhood, Al Urouba neighborhood, and Yarmouk neighborhood One of the newly established neighborhoods is Al-Shifa neighborhood.

Turaif city streets

Among the most important streets of Turaif Governorate are the following:

  • King Abdul Aziz Street (General Street)
  • King Faisal Street
  • King Saud Street (Old Airport Street)
  • king Khalid street
  • King Abdullah Street
  • Prince Abdullah bin Abdulaziz bin Musaed Street (international road).
  • Prince Sultan Bin Abdulaziz Street
  • Market Street.
  • Twenty Street.
  • Forty Street.
  • Makkah street.
  • City Street.

Where is Turaif located?

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